Thursday , January 27 2022

Hantavirus outbreak in Argentina leaves ten dead news


A outbreak no Hantavirus in the province Chubut (south) in the Patagonian region Argentina, this week added his tenth victim.

In the afternoon, a 29-year-old woman died Santiago, Chile after visiting a small Argentine town Epuyénwhere the appearance of the virus's disease was concentrated. The young woman would have been infected after staying for several days at another victim's home that died last December.

The last part of the Chubut Ministry of Health, released this Saturday, confirmed two new cases in the region 28 infected people. "The 28 reported positive cases have an epidemiological link with the Hantavirus outbreak in Epuyén," the official report said.

The first people affected by the virus were people who attended a birthday party on 24 November in the event room, said Antonio Reato, Mayor of Epuyén.

The field pawn from the area was the first to be infected after cleaning the shed where it would come in contact with the infected mouse. Later, a man took part in a holiday where he infested his wife and other assistants.

The outbreak is motivated security measures The city of Patagonia, which has already been declared quarantine. Meetings are forbidden and even watch the dead.

The Court ruled insulation for 30 days to 85 people who had come across neighbors who tested or suspected positive Hantavirus. Individuals are forbidden to leave their homes and visitors.

Although the virus spreads through infected people and is exposed to mouse secretions, it is not excluded that this could be due to a mutation. In this respect, the Public Administration of Health Laboratories and Institutes (ANLIS) tries to determine if there are mutations that can increase its lethality and portability through a viral genome sequence.

According to a report from the Ministry of Health and Social Development, 9 cases were registered in Chubut in 2018 and 93 cases in Argentina, indicating that between 2013 and the last year 111 deaths were reported in the country due to Hantavirus.

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