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Goalkeeper at Copa América in 1949 died at PrensaFútbol

Wednesday 14 November 2018


Former Chilean national and Francisco Paco Molina Simón, goalkeeper at Copa America in 1953, died Wednesday, 14 November. He arrived in this country in 1939 as a foreigner to the Spaniards and pursued an extensive career in national football.

Our football is mourning, because on Wednesday, November 14, the former national team Francisco Molina Simon, more known as Paco, has been confirmed for 88 years. Among his scrolls he was scorer in 1953 Copa America and a Chilean football champion with Audax Italiano in 1957 and the Universidad Católica in 1961.

Paco Molina was born in Suria, Spain, and at the age of nineteen came his family, part of the political exiles who, as a result of the Spanish civil war, launched the famous ship of Winnipeg. From September 3, 1939, they settled in Valparaiso, where the player started playing football at the Roberto Parra club.

He later stepped through Santiago Wanderers, Unión Española, Coquimbo Unido, Audax Italiano and Universidad Católica, with these last two teams he was the champion in 1957 and 1961 respectively.

The Chilean team played eight games and was part of a team that moved to Copa América in Peru in 1953, where he was the tournament goalie with eight goals.

In the same year, 53 "lived at his highest career point when he was recruited at Atlético de Madrid, and after three years in Spain, he decided to return to Chile, as the club" colchonero "did not meet the clause on the repatriation of his father to the Iberian state.

After retirement, he settled in Antofagasta, where he lived in the last days. How to Press Soccer we join in sympathy for this historic player.

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