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Fortnite: 10th Week Sixth Round Challenges Esports

Every Thursday there was an update Fortnite Battle Royale. The Week 10 no season 6 It's started, and here you know what problems you have to fight to get rewards.

Fortnite – Week 7 Challenges Season 6:

– Build 250 structures.
– Visit the Viking ship, camel and battleship wounded.
– Record 7 chests of Pitched Flooring or Ostentatious Oasis.
– Place three turrets installed in different games.
– Phase 1: Land Sociedad Sibarita.
– Complete the trials of vehicles three times.
– Phase 1: Shoe Disposal.

The challenge of the structure is quite simple, in some games you will complete it simply by placing the remedies. On the other hand, now the game invites you to visit three different places. Next, we leave you a map that tells you where to find it Viking ship, camel and an oasis.

Fortnite He has also challenged his players. To complete the clock challenge, it is advisable to take Quadtaclismo and go to the points indicated on this map.

Currently there is no information or guidance that offers a look at Date for the Fortnite Season 7. Remember that Epic Games prepares your card for important changes, such as the Giant Purple Cube. Well, now nothing is weird.

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