Tuesday , March 21 2023

Fear of workers losing their jobs reaches the highest level since 2013 State


The study, which was conducted in the fourth quarter of last year, revealed that fear of losing workers It has reached its peak since 2013.

According to the last tool edition of the RR consultant. HH Randstad 8.9% of workers The country reports that it is "very afraid" to lose a job within 6 months, 3.7 percentage points more than in the previous quarter and 2 percentage points more than a year ago, one of the highest ratings since the survey was conducted.

That's where Chile takes its place Number 9 among 34 countries in which the world ranking of professionals is made, with greater fear that their employer finiquite their contract in the next semester, canceling 16 positions compared to the previous quarter and exceeding the international average of 7.8%.

In this respect India ranks first, or 19.2%; Malaysia is 12.8% in second position; and third is Turkey with 12.1%; while the least feared workers are in Luxembourg and Japan, both are 3.5%; Hungary – 4.7%; and Romania – 4.9%.

In this context Natalia ZúñigaRandstad's Marketing and Communications Director says "these results surprise us because, despite the anticipated loss of employment due to the downturn in the labor market, rising real wages are rising at a moderate pace, we do not expect to reach this peak".

"The current scenario is comparable only with the last periods of 2010 and 2013, when the country reached 10%, a scenario we have already looked at remotely, given the progress and progress made by Chile on labor issues and the introduction of new trends in human resources. which aims to improve the quality of life and employee experience, ”he added.

Job satisfaction

Parallel poll shows that Chilean satisfaction with his current employer grew by 1 percentage point over the same period in 2017, reaching 74% employee satisfaction or satisfaction with 73% from 12 months.

The above is highest figure This aspect has been acquired in 2010 since the survey was conducted in 2010. Thus, Chile is currently ranked 12th in the world market among 34 countries, which means a 3-year increase in the year and 2 posts quarter-on-quarter just before the country gained 72% of its highly satisfied work.

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