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Fair reception: Minister Cubillos rescuer in the Chadwick crisis


The Interior Minister was a difficult week. The shadow of the constitutional accusation appeared again in opposition, and its ranks were those who claimed it was damaging to the government. During the crisis, the bishop of Chadwick, Minister Marcel Cubillos, pulled out of a hat project that attracted the attention of the press and opposition, and the same day the minister visited La Araucanía. It's all about protest deterioration and Mapuche people recovery.

It was one of the most difficult weeks for Minister Andrés Chadwick. Opposition criticism and the threat of constitutional prosecution fell deep inside the government, so much that in the same government – among the corridors – that "Chaddik's position is becoming more sustainable". . A statement by General (Ma) Victtoriano, in which he claimed that the Interior Minister knew that Camilo Catrillanca was unarmed when he was shot in Karabineros, fired a real bomb in La Moneda, which severely hit human president Piñera.

In order to limit the crisis, La Moneda was forced to deploy a containment plan in two areas: politics and communication. On the one hand, it was necessary to point out the role of the "DC conciliator" and "remind them of the humility and importance of the treaties" they stand out from the ruling party bench; on the other hand, Minister Andreas Čadviks should be removed from the conflicting goal and directed directly to voters and tougher activists on the right, says Palacio Adviser. Bishop Marcel Cubillos, the Interior Minister, became the key to relieving the situation.

On Thursday, January 10, at the same time as the opposition announced a decision to launch a March against a constitutional accusation against the Minister, after the intervention of the DC, the government deployed all of its communication pyrotechnics and parallel to Chadik's visit to La Araucanía, President Piñera with Minister Marcel Cubillos signed a bill to adapt to the Inclusion Law, called "fair admission", which aims to replace the selection system and interviews with parents, which was deleted in the so-called Inclusion Law announced by Michelle Bachelet's government.

The hashtag #AdmissionJust were social networks and #Renuncia Chadhad, one of the main ones themes At the beginning of last week, despite intense criticism of his visit to the conflict, he disappeared. A real relief for the government and the rest of Chile's Vamos, the "respite" that is trying to resolve the conflict, until the summer's arrival, and the fourth anniversary of the Caval case, which is expected to be resolved by judgment.

The idea, say, Palace sources, was that the minister's visit focused on "other victims" and the premises closest to the government in the so-called macroson. On the other hand, the agenda must be launched in an area of ​​interest to everyone. Education is a "good opposition to the opposition" that is able to draw attention and is a "good way" to get out of the conflict, they stand out from the ruling party.

And so it was done. A few hours before the "Just Admission" was launched, Minister Chadvik arrived in La Araucanía. It came directly to the intent of setting up a special office for victims, who in the first half of the year are looking for solutions to 250 people affected by violence.

He had strict schedules, met with members of the La Araucanía Regional Society for Agricultural and Livestock Development (Sofo) and Multigremial de La Araucanía. In addition, in the afternoon, he did some activities with Alfredo Moreno, Minister of Social Development, and Jorge Atton, Mayor, to promote the Planet of Pleasure and the Impulse Plan.

The speech was similar to that used after the announcement of the PDI in the region. The Interior Minister stressed that "the situation of violence and public order has increased in the last two months" and that "government commitment is a priority with order and public security." With this emphasis, Chadwick stated that it was not possible to exclude the application of a state of emergency by some operators in the region. However, Minister Alfredo Moreno did not contradict his colleague in the Interior Ministry, pointing out that the possibility of applying the constitutional instrument in the region was not considered.

But Chaddik did not stay there and seized the opportunity to send a message to the representatives of the Mapuche area, who have intensified the demonstrations and land reclamation: "The pressure or threat is just harming La Araucanía," the minister said. In addition, the minister sent a letter to Marcelo Catrillanca, the father of the deceased youth, asking him to "review" when the communion asked the minister to resign at the beginning of last week.

Repeated story

On Tuesday, January 8, the results of the new School Admission System (SAE) were announced. The program implemented under the Michelle Bachelet Government Incorporation Law has already been applied in ten regions of the country that do not include Metropolitan. Of the 275,000 applications, 82.5% of students were selected for one of their options, and 45,000 children would be out of school.

17% used by the Ministry of Education to make a correction project that was under threat in the presidential campaign, but it was not for the budget until March 2019. The "Fair reception" project was adopted by the government as fires to "divert attention", admits the ruling party, although they say it is a real problem "suffering thousands of families."

In the hand of a meritocracy speech, the good battalion coordinated in the corporate corridor became part of the positioning through the "lottery victim" website, which was designed to receive complaints from parents who have not yet found a school for children. This page is also backed by official deputies, Diego Schalper, Luis Pardo and Hugo Rey from the Court's Education Commission.

The aim of the project is to restore the selection system with notes in a symbolic secondary school and excellence, in addition to interviews with lawyers and prioritize the inclusion of brothers and sisters in the same institution. What the opposition has criticized widely has emphasized the principle of segregation of the initiative.

A temporary project reminiscent of "Aula Segura pyrotechnics". Camila Vallejo (PC), a deputy, said the idea of ​​"meritocracy is a lie", while Frente Amplio's parliamentarians said "segregation and selection" is not the way "we need to renew public education," he said. Gonzalo Winter.

It should be remembered that, in September 2018, when the government's red figures triggered terror on the second floor of La Moneda and on the Political Committee, Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, together with the recently appointed Minister of Education, presented the project. "Aula Segura", which also interfered with "emblematic" schools that had multiple conflicts between Carabineros and some of its students.

The project included the agenda, attracted all the attention of the opposition, and a week of press and legislative debate. It should be noted that Cubillos is the minister who is closest to Chadvik and one of the closest to President Piñera, as well as a good sense of citizenship. "It makes it a Chadwick lifeguard," highlighting Vamos from Chile.

It is because of this proximity that both ministers in the "Just Admission" initiative have some sort of "last resort" to support the government by February. They set out in detail that the idea would come directly from a political group that was coherent with education and that the President supported the idea.

Tension is maintained

However, despite the placement of fair admission and the fall of the constitutional accusation to March, the Mapuche communities in La Araucanía have intensified mobilization and resistance to government action.

The visit to the territory of Chadwick without approaching the industries that made the Mapuche movement was considered to be "an inexplicable lack of respect" for the leaders who met Temucuicui on Saturday, January 12th.

With a public announcement, they reiterated the need to set up a commission for enlightenment, the recovery of conflicting lands, and added the requirement to "stop the inclusion of non-Mapuche people in the Mapuche area", which will be discussed in the communities. .

In addition, Marcelo Catrillanca, the father of the murdered community, explained that they would go to international organizations to condemn what had happened in Chile. And the Mapuche National Articulation Commission has been set up to coordinate activities in a uniform way.

On the other hand, despite the opposition's decision to set up a legal committee to investigate the constitutional accusation against the Interior Minister, the places where the Head of State is the one who took the decision to remove him from his post have not been suspended. . But in parallel, part of the opposition has tried to engage in dialogue with various sectors of the Mapuche movement.

Frente Amplio National Round Table has convened a series of dialogues with other opposition political forces. Thus, they have already met with PS, PS and PPD to formulate minimum levels to open the way to deeper solutions with Mapuche people. In addition, meetings will be held with official parties such as Evópoli and Renovación Nacional.

On the other hand, on Friday, 11 January, Manuel Monsalve, Ricardo Celis, Emilia Nuyado and Miguel Crispi would have met with several Mapuche leaders to convene a special session in Congress to discuss the conflict in the region, but also deeper problems.

The panorama that looks closely with the government and the mistrust sees the answer that the Ministry of Interior had to find for a solution to intensify Armenian protests and land recovery. The official says that the most important thing is not the short-term appearance, but who will lead the "dialogue on peace in La Araucanía".

They emphasize that Minister Moreno "has lost justice" in this area, and that the Armenian plan "was born dead" that even the region's entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized farmers do not trust the government and that the "moderate" industry opposition can use this low level.

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