Thursday , March 4 2021

Esteban Paredes loses the rest of the national tournament: he disciplined punishment. | Football

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Cacique rainy in the wet. Jaime Valdes loss, now The lack of Esteban Parede in the rest of the national championship.

Captain of Alba who were expelled before Palestine, a match against Huachipato will be played before the match date, and now another delay between the times against the Arabs is added after the team's delay.

The ANFP Disciplinary Tribunal resolved it at a session on Tuesday.

The regulation says they are forcing the team captain with a yellow card and coaching with the coach. With that Paredes reaches the fifth yellow card, and Hector Tapia suffers from the punishment date.

Although football has been brought to the tournament this year, the coach will not be able to face Huachipato on Saturday, November 24 at noon. 12:00.

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