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Ed Boon denied the high cost of Mortal Kombat 11 skin

This week, the Reddit statement said this Mortal Kombat 11 It was a video game marked by expensive microtransactions. But it wasn't a small mechanics, because in general it would be cosmetic components would cost nearly $ 6,500.

However, through its Twitter account, NetherRealm Studios creative director and co-author of Saga Ed Boon, denied the whole situation.

"LOL OMG! The story of $ 6440 dollars is a complete shit! Where do these people get the information? Most Mortal Kombat 11 skins are not for sale. This is not the way NetherRealm creates video games. You have WIN IT GAME ", explained Boon, calling for a review of the data before reporting.

The Mortal Kombat, the way to access this type of cosmetic content, is through the story mode, overcoming challenges or exploring a stage process called "Crypt" that includes a puzzle and research component.

Nonetheless, in the Netherlands, they noted that the challenge called "Towers of Time" was too high a challenge, which led to slow progress towards rewards through The Crypt.

At the same time, they also promise to have a patch that will reward the money used inside video games, which will give 500 thousand coins, 500 hearts, a thousand souls and 1000 time crystals.

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