Saturday , April 1 2023

Eating too much avocado can increase the risk of heart attack in some people News


Unfortunately, the news published a research by Cambridge University and published in Science, where it was suggested that good cholesterol does not necessarily reduce the risk of a heart attack, in fact, if you consume a lot of food with good fat, as well as avocado, the risk could increase.

Olive oil, avocado, fish and nuts would be responsible for high density lipoprotein (HDL), known as "good cholesterol". These foods are good for the body, but if they are consumed excessively, they can cause problems.

Scientists conducted studies in which HDL increased with drugs that were unable to reduce heart attacks. They also showed that people with a mutation in the SCARB1 gene affecting one of 1,700 people had very high levels of good cholesterol, but also had 80% of heart disease.

In discussions with the BBC, the Institute's researcher Adam Butterworth explained that "this is important because we have always believed that good cholesterol is associated with a lower risk of heart disease." This is one of the first studies showing that some people with high levels of good cholesterol may also be at increased risk of heart disease. "

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