Sunday , April 18 2021

Donald Trump says General Motors conversion in electric cars will not "work"

Following criticism from various sectors of the United States, from citizens to the White House, the closure of four factories in the US and the dismissal of up to 15,000 jobs were announced. General Motors decided to eliminate several of the most successful models in order to focus entirely on a broad range of electric vehicles.

Already last year GM announced plans to launch up to 20 different electric models by 2023 in order to comply with strict zero-emission regulations in countries such as China, and today it is the type of action that the US Group is planning to implement.

However, the president Donald Trump announced on Thursday that the decision by General Motors to electrify its entire range will not be successful.. With this statement, Trump questioned the group's executive director, Mary Barra, in a commercial strategy interview Fox News: "They have changed the entire General Motors model. They have gone all electric, and everything electric will not work. It's wonderful if it's part of its range, but by entering this model that is being accepted, I think it's a mistake"

He also repeated on several occasions that GM should stop the decision to close the factory in the Northwest Ohio, which is potentially important before the 2020 presidential election. Following this decision General Motors dropped 1.4% on the stock market from Thursday.

By asking the American group for these closures, GM has announced that it has scheduled a notice on the cessation of its production plants to allow employees to take vacant posts in other plants. "Today we continue to manufacture large vehicles for our customers as we move to our vision of a world with zero-accident, zero emissions and zero congestion"

Concerning a new free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, Trumpe pointed out that GM would be very uncomfortable to build cars outside the US. "I do not like what General Motors does, it does not look good"he concluded. This agreement, signed by Trump on 30 November, has not yet been approved by the United States Congress.

Democrats allege that this trade agreement may need to be changed to deter both GM and other producers from continuing significant production in Mexico. GWorld Motors did not consider it necessary to change plans to produce the new Chevrolet Blazer SUV in Mexican soil.

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