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Discussion with Nacho Gutiérrez leading to Karen Bejarano's resignation in the morning of TVN

We already know that Karen Bejarano had been with Ignacio Gutierrez and that they would have condemned TVN Muy Buenos Díaz's morning resignation.

According to journalist Michael Roldán, everything started when Chiqui Aguayo made his point of view on the program's section.

"She says she does not have the space to comment on or do her section. He says that" Chiqui in the morning "goes away from time to time," they leave me outside "," they made me emulate humor and they do not give me the opportunity to leave humor "Aguayo said, according to Roland.

At that time, Nacho Gutiérrez would have supported the comedian, arguing that there is more humor between so many topical remarks.

And according to the witness, this was where Karen Bejarano told Ignacio Gutierrez that she was not allowed to comment.

"I understand that I would have said directly to Ignacio Gutiérrez:" Come, you suddenly speak, and you leave me to the end, you cut me by hand, you do not let me express you, you do not let me finish the ideas, I can not speak everything time, "Roldan discovered.

Doing good thoughts is not very good to cheer, because "Nacho says to him:" You know what, Karen? In good spirits, you as three changes are lower, "as energy, an encouragement." In addition, it is very important not to speak about a speech, but to speak, if there is a basis and a concrete opinion, "said Gutiérrez.

But the former Mekan girl answered, saying she was worried because she was a hard time.

"Nacho would have said:" Perfect, but if you do not tell your problems, I do not need to know what kind of problem you have, "he added.

"There was a heated debate. They told me that Karen Bejarano was feeling very bad and, as a result, she would have left her job," Michael said of the alleged discussion that led to his departure.

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