Thursday , April 22 2021

Discover what foods you should avoid at all Christmas (and at all)

The The arrival of Christmas is synonymous with many things. Travel, celebration and family reunion are agenda items. And food and drinkvery present in industrial quantities. That is why it is necessary Be very careful with the excesses that we make on these dates, as it can affect our health and we may find it unpleasant to be surprised at how weighs weights. a couple of kilograms on the way.

The Our activity should lead moderation and common sense. This is not about the fact that we completely subtract everything but a minimal control over our diet if we do not want to take our dislike. In this respect is a dish that we should drink from our menu at Christmas time, albeit from our habits of working with pure cholesterol: foie gras.

"A product that should, above all, be avoided, if possible, is foie gras, because it is pure cholesterol." Basically, it consists of a duck filled with cholesterol and triglycerides accumulated in the liver. It is also not recommended for oral use internally, because it is also an organism waste dump, it is one of the greatest sins ", provides Aide chains, Endocrinologist OSI Barrualde-Galdakao (Vizcaya) as part of the Encuentros con la Salud conference held in Bilbao.

Other foods and drinks on the black list

Although Because not only is foie gras a hurricane eye, as other foods such as sweets should reduce consumption, because "these are real pumps based on quick absorption of sugars (artificial fats)" health damage. Also drinking alcohol should be avoided and, in any case, given the difficulty of doing so due to dates, you should choose fermented beverages.

Finally, the doctor confirms that they are known population groups that during Christmas time they need to be particularly careful, for example "Elderly, diabetics, people with hypertension, people with high cholesterol or having uric acid problems".

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