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DIRECTV Sports ™ | Solari, a shortage of Isco: "It's a closed topic"

Argentina believes that nothing is happening with Spain and that they are technical decisions.

Real Madrid are facing this week up Valencia and Santiago Solari He reviews all the news about the White Club press conference after the last week's training at the Valdebebas. Messages that happen almost exclusively because of the situation Isco Alarcón and the "Copa Libertadores" finals that will take place Santiago Bernabéu.

How was victory in Rome?

"Happy working hours, the sense of responsibility and everyday work is 80% of all. Football and any work."

What do you think of the Libertadores final, played by Santiago Bernabéu?

"Real Madrid, our stadium, has the honor to host the finals of the Libertadores and Superclásico with the two largest clubs in Argentina. I hope the stadium with our history will help to conclude a good conclusion to such an intricate one. On the one hand, on the other hand, I I can not help pointing out the causes that impose it here. You have to play the ocean away from Buenos Aires, and that you're going to ruin many hearts. It's a shame

Is Isco ready to play after the Roma?

"To be honest, I think this is a question that does not give more than itself. These are special decisions."

ISCO bad professional? Have you been unfaithful?

"Indeed, I think that the subject does not give more than itself. They will understand that I can not focus on speculation. There are 24 professionals. Everyone works and we are here to make decisions."

What do you need before Valencia?

"We know that it is a very organized team that has been commissioned tactically, has come in close contact with some goals. We will have to rely on our players and their talents, and be true and aggressive forward."

How to recover the best version of Isco?

"I do what I think is best for every player. Everything is important because we are all in Real Madrid."

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