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Diana Bolokco unexpectedly and inaccurately resigned from Canal 13 Glamorama

Author: C. F. / November 30, 2018

The end of the season is one of the biggest worries in the television industry. This time, Diana Boloko is one of the beats.

As reported by Publimetro this morning, the animator abandoned Channel 13. The site, based on sources from the record, said:

"Bolocco will never feel at the head of the new entertainment area after leaving Carlos Caco Montas. Moreover, after he learned from the press that he would not be part of the new master's chef season.

"Diana and several other facials in the channel did not trust Marcos Brisso's ability to lead the entertainment zone because he is a producer who has not achieved good results in his curriculum and has not run large projects. Moreover, he has very little experience compared to Montau (Alexis) Zamoru."

Confirms the sources of the television industry Glamorama the 41-year-old driver used a window in his current contract with Canal 13, which took some time, to sign a contract with a television station before the deadline.

The word "window" refers to the clause in the Bolocco contract, according to which, if she is not satisfied with Channel 13, she is given a day at the end of the year to ask her for early departure from the station without paying any fine.

Diana's decision would be irrevocable despite Channel's attempts to persuade him to stay.

In the second half of 2006, the journalist started his career on the small screen of this television station. She immediately broke out and in February 2007 she won the Vineyard Festival Queen's sketch.

Cecilia Bolocco's younger sister quickly gained ground and became the most important female figure on Channel 13 with Tonka Tomicic.

In a very good morning this morning, Cristián Sánchez explained that his wife's decision must be a new challenge. In this panel, they also referred to the division of the team led by Caco Montt, which they showed, and with which Diana grew and evolved.

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