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Diabetes: "My leg was amputated because I did not care for my type 2 diabetes"

"The specialist told me:" We will have to dump it this afternoon, because if we do not do it, tomorrow you will be dead. ""

He tells Stephen Richardson, a 58-year-old British who learns to walk when his legs after his other part are amputated.

Cause: Type 2 diabetes, a disease that, if left unsupervised, can lead to serious complications, including amputation of the lower limbs and even death.

In the United Kingdom alone, every week, 170 people are amputated after all due to diabetes.

And according to the International Diabetes Federation, it is estimated that all over the world every 30 seconds at the bottom end, or part of it, is amputated due to this disease.

In recent years, the prevalence of diabetes has increased significantly in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 422 million people live with this disease.

Each year, 1.6 million of these patients die. And the loss of the lower extremities due to diabetes complications has become a serious social, economic and public health problem.


As for Stephen Richardson, his amputation has been huge impact in your life and in the family.

"I have two grandchildren, two and four years old, and Emily, my eldest granddaughter, when she saw me in the hospital without feet, she did not want to come close to me," she told the BBC.

"Now I usually sat alone in the garden, I sat down to think, I wonder what I'm going to do now What comes to my life? "He says.


Diabetes is a metabolic and chronic disease characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood which ultimately causes a serious heartbeat, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves.

Most people suffering from this disease, such as Stephen, are type 2 diabetes.

It occurs primarily to adults when the body becomes insulin resistant – A pancreatic hormone that helps to reduce your blood glucose or can not provide enough insulin.


According to WHO, type 2 diabetes has been reported in the past thirty years It has grown dramatically in all countries.

Another type of diabetes is Type 1, commonly known as juvenile diabetes, as it mainly affects children and young people.

In this case, the pancreas produces insulin little or no.


The availability of treatment for people with diabetes, including insulin, is essential for both survival and complications.

Constant high levels of blood glucose can be caused serious damage to the body These include kidney failure, loss of vision, neurological damage, cardiovascular risk including heart attack and stroke.

Another disastrous complication is the loss of the lower extremity caused by the so-called diabetic foot.

This foot problem occurs due to neuropathy (nerve damage) and poor blood circulation caused by high levels of blood glucose.


Neuropathy causes loss of sensation in the legs, which reduces the ability to sense pain or injuries.

And poor circulation reduces the body's ability to heal, which prevents the infection, trauma or wound healing.

The disease is not curable, but it can be controlled with a strong diet and medicines that include insulin.

After his amputation, Stephen Richardson told the BBC that he himself admitted that he ignored his doctor's suggestions about his diet and physical activity.

"This is no other fault, it is my fault. I did not address the surgeons and the doctor, I'm not guilty, just myself, "he says.

"If I had done what they told me, I would not have this situation anymore," he adds.

Experts say that simple changes in lifestyle They can be effective in preventing type 2 diabetes.

These include a healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintains normal weight and avoids tobacco.

And those who are already diagnosed with the disease, in addition to these changes in lifestyle, have to be taken control your medication and check regularly to avoid complications.

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