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Deputies generally approve the national budget for 2019 – Politics Tvn


The House of Representatives has generally endorsed the 2019 National Budget Bill, which includes several pillars, such as the provision of new and better deals for children and older adults; combating crime, drug trafficking and terrorism; to improve the availability and quality of public health and education; and regain growth.

The legal tender, which was discussed in more than four hours in the corporation's meeting room, is estimated at $ 73.470 million and an increase of 3.2% from 2018.

It is based on GDP growth of 3.8% in 2019; internal demand 4.6%; inflation at around 3%; dollar value 650 pesos; the price of the property is 3 pounds sterling; and the positive import differences are 4.8%.

The project provides a total of 50 billion 831 thousand 491 million pesos plus five thousand 649 million dollars. The section of the income and general expenses of the states, which is planned in the Treasury, is 45 billion 333 thousand. 619 million Peso and seven thousand 662 million Dollar

By 2019, six portfolios account for just over 81.29% of total resources, equivalent to 36 billion 854 thousand 170 million pesos. From the highest to the lowest number of units there are units of the Ministry of Health (each of these territories will be awarded one of five pesos); Education (one in four pesos going to this game); Labor and social security; Home affairs and public safety; Housing and Urbanism; and public works.

The idea of ​​adopting laws was endorsed at around 15:00 at the end of the debate. The general rules were ratified by 132 votes to 3, with 8 abstentions; but quorum norms were supported by 147 positive and one abstained.

Under the agreements, all items not covered by the referral or individual voting requests will be deemed to be approved (these acts will expire today at 14.45, currently more than 790 indicators are counted).


In the discussion officialism It revealed the agreement reached in the case of the mixed budget commission, which allowed a re-allocation of 97 billion pesos to reinforce excellent nodes on key issues such as higher education, the environment and regionalization.

It also highlighted the ability of the government to submit a proposal in line with national needs and to inform about the forthcoming challenges expressed in the main directions of the initiative.

In addition, the need to maintain macroeconomic balance as well as the prospect of reducing the government debt accumulated during the previous period was supported.

No the opposition speeches were different. Some, although they noted some points of disagreement, coincided with the formal project, which welcomed the project, especially in light of the intensification of education, environment, science and culture.

Several facilitated the unit's achievements in this sector to reject government pressure to achieve improvements in the areas identified, which in its view were the 2019 budget.

However, they maintained their criticisms and insisted that the proposal was negative, despite the improvements made in the agreement. For example, they refuted that they did not promote greater efforts in the area of ​​pensions or regionalization and caused various budget disadvantages in their respective regions.

In particular, the debate on this project will continue tomorrow, on Wednesday, 14 November in two sessions: the first one from noon. 10:30 am to noon 13:30; and the second, from noon 14:30 to 14:00 10:00 After all, the Board has the power to extend this last day to ensure that the initiative is fully forwarded to this publication. Otherwise, if there are issues that are not to be considered, they will be considered at a new meeting on Thursday, 15 November.


From the sectors we can mention some important issues raised in the generally approved proposal. Thus, for example, in the field pensions, PBS and APS Vejez has grown by 108,040 people, a total of 1310,244, thanks to an increase of $ 161 million.

Another significant aspect is the 10% of the resources taken into account Senate direct administration centers, which includes an additional $ 16 million to transform the Specialized Direct Management Repair Center (CREAD) into a family-run residence.

Additional subsidy expenditures in the region Protection of minors, in order to guarantee a 40% increase in the position of the Special Protection Home Intervention Protection Program (PER); as well as coverage of Specialized Protection Program (PRO) and Specialized Host Family (FAE) program.

In Education, increases the cost of subsidies for kindergartens and kindergartens, and finances the school nutrition program (PAE) and resources for various school grants.

Also inside Higher Education It is expected that the budget for 2018 is expected to increase resources by 6.2%. It is proposed to increase the National Universities Strengthening Plan in this direction; raise the rates for higher education (free of charge, scholarships and the University Credit Solidarity Fund) at 8.2%. Using these benefits, 232 thousand students at universities and 182 thousand students of technical and vocational education will purchase the free system.

For the HealthIt is expected that, with regard to the planned 2018 year, an increase of 5.9% in the ministry's expenditure is planned; but in the regions it is planned to increase the regional investment budget by 2.5% (this is mainly due to the increase of resources of the National Regional Development Fund and the Regional Support Fund, FAR).

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