Thursday , March 4 2021

Daniel Araya is about to pick up El Paso Salamanca

At this new Pasapalabra night, the fight was very difficult with the participation Blue Captain Sofia Salinas and the well-known Pasapalabra character, master of the orange team Daniel Araja.

After being invited by famous guests who have best accumulated most of the time before arriving at Rosco, Sofia and DanielThey fought side by side accumulated drill, but after the first blue-hole master's mistake the tensions continued in the same audience as studio viewers and social networking audiences, because Daniel wrote the word correctly in the fear of Roscos.

It was after the completion of Rosco, the last word he played against the captain and the result was the least expected, which was observed in the proportion of tension and nervousness in this new episode.

If you miss, see here the last minute of the time that lived in this chapter #PasapalabraCHV .-

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