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Chronology Superfinal between Boca Juniors and River Plate


ESPN.com Day by day, let everyone know what's happening around the Copa Libertadores Super Final between Boca Juniors and River Plate.

Friday, November 9th

* Boca announced on its website and social networks that Superfinal tickets are being sold.

* Ignacio Scocco again had problems with the twins and Marcelo Gallardo decided to take care of their final stage in La Bombonera to keep it the ultimate game of Monumental.

* Daniel Angelici, Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio and Alejandro Domínguez, President of CONMEBOL, hosted a joint press conference. Among the most important declarations, the president of the river denied the absence of Gallardo and encountered the climate, stating "The right of access to offenders", referring to the penalty imposed by DT.
In addition, D & # 39; Onofrio and Angelici regretted that not all fans could access the ticket to the final and noted that both Monumental and Bombonera, and do not provide enough partners who have both clubs.

* Esteban Andrada usually studied after recovering from a fracture in the jaw and put pressure on Agustín Rossi, thinking of the second phase of the Monumental.

* Pablo Pérez has doubts about the first finals because of the pain in his legs, which denied him training with his teammates last week. Almond or Gago, Guillermo candidates to replace him.

* Despite online sales and ticket deficiencies, some fans turned to La Boca to request prioritization of the allocation of illicit tickets. "It was expected with two Bomboneras not enough," complained Daniel Angelici. The chairman explained that "there are 29,000 popular and more than 90,000 participants who have the opportunity to come and a large number will be left outdoors." After noon 19:00 Sale is updated on the website.

* A river trained in the afternoon of Cardales.

* Guillermo Barros Schelotto discovered Boca concentrates for the first finals.

* Boca trained in the morning at Casa Amarilla. Barros Schelotto tested 4-4-2 with Wanchope Bob and Benedetto up.

* Guillermo Barros Schelotto spoke at a press conference: "We have not defined a team (…) I do not change anything related to costumes (…) The only thing I have in mind is two finals."

* River Training, with Pity Martinez, Monumental and then left their concentration on Cardales.

Tuesday, NOVEMBER 6
* Pity Martinez abandoned the river's practice of influenza syndrome.

* Boka assured him that he would not allow the river to decorate his wardrobe La Bombonera.

* Pablo Pérez, at the conference: "I do not think of a yellow thought (…) No one picks me up (…) You have to be careful with Pity Martinez (…) We are harder busy."

* Franco Armani's press conference: "We know the importance of Marcelo (Gallardo), but Matías (Biscay) has a lot of presence, a lot of leader"

Monday, 5. NOVEMBER
* AFA President Claudio Tapia went to a conference with Angelici and D & # 39; Onofrio, in which he confirmed that the Superfinal will be played on Saturdays, 10 and 24 November at. 17 and 17:00 without a visiting company.

* Boca revealed ticket sales for the first finale.

* Ministry of the Security of March: eventually, it will be possible to celebrate Obelisk.

* I have to tell the guests on the program América TV, Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio confirmed that they did not want visitors to the Libertadore finale and raised the opportunity to play on Sundays rather than on Saturdays.

* Public Security Secretary Juan Pablo Sassano said: "We will not allow the celebration of Obelisk."

* River Plate dropped by 1-0 when visiting Estudiantes, after Superliga's 11th date. ScoCo suffered contraction in the right calf.

* Boca Juniors struck Tigre 4-1 at La Bombonera.

* "We know what we're playing. We're about to give our lives to defeat Libertadores," Guillermo said.

* After a rather delay Conmebol formally decided against Gallardo: the claim Gremio is rejected, the superfinal is confirmed, the river DT can not enter La Bombonera, four games stop Muñeco and 50,000 dollars fine.

Friday, 2nd of NOVEMBER
* National President Mauricio Macri posted this report at his blog post on. 7:48.

* In 2010, Martin Ocampo, Minister of Security of the City of Buenos Aires, confirmed ESPN FC that every stadium will have 4 thousand fans of visitors.

* Marcelo Gallardo, at a press conference "In violation of the rules, it had more sense than an emotional attitude. If it were a non-religious act, I'm sorry."

* La Conmebol has announced the Chelsea Roberto Tobar as the judge in the first final BOCA-RIVER, although the decision is not yet official due to Gremio's claim.

* In the afternoon, Mauricio Macri explained: "We have offered them the conditions for them to play with the visiting community." From there, it's the club's decision to organize the show, and they will say what they think is the most comfortable. "

* Conmebol reported that the first finals will be played on Saturday, November 10, October 16 at the Bocas stadium and during the competition on Saturday 24th, at the same time, without explaining which court.

* Boca's president Daniel Angelic disagreed with the scheduled dates and argued that the Jewish community called for Shabbat.

* Superleague sent a note to AFA, expressing concern about re-planning the finals "unilaterally". Initially games were to be played on Wednesday, November 7th and 28th at noon. 21.45.

* Gremio President Romildo Bolzan justified his club claim at a press conference.

* Gremio filed a complaint with Conmebol on Gallardo's actions.

* After the first 2-0 win, Boca Juniors visits Palmeiras, thanks to the gate from Wanchope Abel and Benedetto, and also got the definition of Libertador.

* Conmebol announced the final between Boca and the river with a catchy poster on their social networks, but early in the morning explained that it was the "Disciplinary Unit Decision on Gremio's Claim."

* River Plate won Gremio 2-1 Porto Alegre, returned from 1-0 Monumental and qualified for the Copa Libertadores finale. Goals scored by Borre and Pity Martínez who have replaced the goal with a penalty at the request of VAR.

* Despite the suspension, Marcelo Gallardo contacted his training staff with helpful help, went to the locker room for half an hour and spoke after the game: "It's unfair, because they deprive their freedom of work. I took courage to go half-way, because I I felt that the players needed it. I break the law, but I accept it. I do not regret anything. "

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