Thursday , January 21 2021

Chiqui Aguayo completed Alberto Plaza with an ironic and "qualified" response to his congratulations

Chilean humorist Daniela "Chiqui" Aguayo He successfully visited the Huaso Festival in Olm, contrary to the strong criticism he received in the Viña del Mar competition in 2017.

Recall that in 2017 the comedian was criticized for his "foul" language and singers like Alberto Plaza criticized him as a "flute".

But thanks to the impatient performance of Patagual, the same singer was one of the first to acknowledge his success: "I'm very pleased with Čiqui Aguayo's triumph inside #OlmueDeFiesta. She has become much like an artist since Viña and has taken a course that will make her a much higher one. It was worth the whole debate"He wrote on Twitter.

Following these congratulations, Aguayo did not hesitate to answer the following questions: "Congratulations always! be good or bad singers"The users quickly noticed the irony of their names.

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