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Cats can kill you even without trying and not, without passion

If you are a cat lover, you might be afraid, because research shows that your health may be fatal.

If you ever thought your cats wanted to kill you, they might not be so far from reality recent research revealed pussycat the health of their owners.

Cats are killing

This health risk is due to a parasite that cats can send to their owners it is in the human body, which increases the probability of suffering from schizophrenia by 50%.

It was discovered by a study of 80,000 participants. It was discovered that 2,500 people had mental problems as they had a body Toxoplasma gondii, this parasite is transmitted by cats.

Cats are killing

This parasite was already known to cause schizophrenia due to a study conducted in 2017 which has shown that it causes changes in neural connections that can cause diseases such as Parkinson's, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's and even several types of cancer.

People most affected by this parasite they are children or people with very low immune systems, although pregnant women may also have a worse effect, may be a problem during pregnancy to a spontaneous abortion point.

As a way to avoid infection with Toxoplasma gondii, it is advisable to wash and disinfect the fruits and vegetables, as well as to clean the cat excrements very carefully, preferably with gloves and without contact with them.

Cats are killing

Of course, the cat would not be the best, but according to research, this parasite does not affect healthy human adults.

As a very curious fact, research on this 2016 parasite showed that it can help to kill tumors in the ovary, t and other 2018 studies they assured that this parasite could stimulate the business attitude of those who do it.

Be careful with mishis in the house, especially if they are in contact with children.

Source: Science Alert, Sputnik

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