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Case Catrillanca: The prosecutor releases a shot from the police


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From noon 9am this Friday Collipully Warranty Truth, it's formalized to four carabiners for the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

The arrest warrant was issued after case prosecutor Cristián Paredes, will approve the receipt of a ballistic survey by the Police Investigation Police (PDI). He further stated that they already had "concrete results of the investigation".

the last one

18:11 | At noon 19:00 judge Sanda Nahuelcura will announce precautionary measures against the accused.

18:00 | Chairman Sebastian Piner He referred to the Camilo Catrillanca Death Formal Meeting: "We support the activities of the prosecutor's office, we believe that Carabineros are essential for the security of citizens, and I appreciate it and I appreciate it, but we say with the same force that we condemn and we will not tolerate any act outside the law"he said.

17:51 | "What can be seen from the air are objects that shine and move, which seems to be vehicles, but people from this height, 700 meters, seem somewhat accurate to those that are indicated by", said Prosecutor Roberto Garrido on a declaration on helicopter pilots.

17:38 | Defender Alexander Scheneiders stresses that Kamilo Catrillanca's death is likely to be a murder charge: "It's possible that we will end up in an accident, it does not speak, I just say that the officials' declarations"he assured.

17:15 | "At least 45 minutes after Mr Catrillanca dies, shots were felt", said Sebastian Saavedra, a prosecutor and minor representative who accompanied Camilo Catrillancu.

17:11 | "Distorted murders include participation in four arrested", stated the Legal Representative of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH). The Ombudsman also requests a precautionary measure to prevent the detainee from being detained.

17:03 | "If I have a m4 rifle and I'm relying on someone, I can not know that I'm not attacking my life", persuaded the persecutor.

At noon 17:00 | After an hour or so, the audience is restarted. The prosecutor speaks Jorge Calderaza.

15:32 | The guard convinces that it is possible that both carbines could react to the attack, as the helicopter pilot who participated in the operation said: "We demand precautionary measures that are less intense for both, in this case it might be arrested at home one night"he explained.

15:16 | "It is not possible that my representatives arrested the court,, defended the defender.

15:01 | "The cell's leader, in which the defendants went, said that he began to hit him and listened to how the bullets reached the body of the vehicle"says a lawyer.

14:57 | "The prosecutor's office has not submitted a ballistic message or history or coincidence"The defense lawyer said about the confrontational version, repeated that four soldiers were attacked." We plan to detect attacks and secrets. "

14:44 | Alexander Schneider, Former Uniform Defender, testify that they do not cover the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

14:35 | "The lens direction is from the rear to the front, a little from the bottom up, it's a direct effect," says Saavedra.

14:34 | Attorney Saavedra: Mr (Carlos) Alarcón in his latest statement points out that at the time of shooting he sees the driver's face and makes sure that he saw the mustache.

14:32 | Adolescent family lawyer accompanying Catrillanca, Sebastian Saavedra, remember the death of Alex Lemún, Jaime Mendoza Collío and Matías Catrileo.

14:09 | Nelson Miranda, Family Law Attorney at Catrillanca, explains that the minor witness "was the only one who said the truth".

14:06 | Ombudsman's office attorney, Juan Pavez Farias, points out that the freedom of the accused is jeopardizing the safety of the minor who accompanied Camilo Catrillanca.

13:42 | The Attorney at the Institute for Human Rights, Gloria Painemilla, asks for the preventive detention of the accused and indicates the safety of the investigation.

13:38 | Ministry of the Interior Lawyer: It is unacceptable that the carabiner "hides evidence, releases the circumstances and this contributes to escalation ".

13:33 | Officialism of the four former soldiers is being restored.

13:04 | The judge sets a 15-minute break to shout out in the room.

13:03 | They stop the formalization hearing, crying out one of the people in the room was public.

13:01 | "There is a shot that practically destroyed the young man's head"says a lawyer representing the Interior Ministry, and throws out the previous confrontational version.

12:57 | Attorney Luis Hermosill A representative of the Ministry of the Interior asks for preventive detention for four former Carabineros officers.

12:55 | Prosecutor Garrido points out this the accused are threatening public safety. "They have shown that their freedom threatens the security of investigations."

12:49 | "It is clear that from the beginning of the investigation there was a lie (in the name of the former form)", says prosecutor Calderara.

12:40 | The prosecutor reads the request Ávila, who explained that during the procedure he had no memory cards in his GoPro camera, which has been destroyed and later released in the bathroom.

12:34 | Calderara read the arrested statements, which confirmed that they did not store the camera during the procedure.

12:31 | The Fiscal Jorge Calderara explains that part of Carabineros indicates that Catrillanca and his companion had crossed the fire line. "This part of the police confirmed that this is not true"

12:22 | The fiscal by roberto garrido explains that the attacks on civil servants began an hour after Catrillanca's death when they guarded the scene.

12:15 | The prosecutor's office says that "there is no indication that they have been attacked with firearms, there is no reason to justify the use of firearms".

12:11 | Prosecutor Roberto Garrido is filing a video recorded by officials who came after former defendants. Video capture is Raúl Ávila, who takes his GoPro camera onto his helmet.
Check out HERE video.

12:06 | The complainant reiterates that "the victim received a direct impact on his head"and more than one shot took place.

12:01 | One of the trials was shown: the type of bomb that killed Camilo Catrillanca. "The image captured by Camilo Catrillanca has a direct impact," says the complainant's lawyer.

11:59 | Camilo Catrillanca's family decides to stay out of court after warning of secret images prepared by the State Ministry and the case judge.

11:56 | Ministry of the Interior requests preventive detention on four defendants in the case. In addition, photos and videos about the territory where the widespread death occurred was shown. Families are aware that they are secret information.

11:54 | Walls accuses Raúl Ávilu, accused, of "seriously harming the public" by hiding and then destroying a memory card from your GoPro camera.

11:50 | The Existence of the shots for which the accused said they had received "turned out to be false statements"says Prosecutor Paredes.

11:48 | The prosecutor confirms this Carlos Alarcón Molina, who killed Catrillanca, was defeated.

11:47 | Fiscal Paredes: Ávila Morales and Alarcón Molina, "without any circumstances and action to justify it, "they used their weapons to shoot on several occasions in the direction of the tractor in which Camilo Catrillanca moved.

11:46 | The Fiscal by Cristián Paredes notes that officials took part in the operation following a complaint about the theft of three vehicles. "The GoPro camera was installed in addition to service armor in the Raúl Ávila Morales helmet."

11:43 | The judge confirms that the detention of four former uniforms was lawful and continues to be formalized.

11:30 | Camilo Catrillanca family members are in the formal hearing room.

11:18 | The defense lawyer demands that the detention be declared illegal of the four former Carabineros officials.

11:16 | Four former carabinieri arrested for official hearings on the death of the United States Camilo Catrillanca.

10:17 | Family Camilo Cartrillanca and members of the community are hoping to enter the four arrested officials for the death of a member of the community.

09:50 | The interval is set to 1 hour 15 minutes.

09:46 | The judge explains that ex-uniformed were accused of the following crimes:

  • Patricio Sepulveda Muñoz: Barriers to justice
  • Carlos Alarcón Molina: Homicide and obstacles to justice
  • Braille Valenzuela Aránguiz: Barriers to justice
  • Raúl Ávila Morales: Homicide, obstacles to the rule of law and the destruction of evidence

09:38 | Camilo Catrillanca's father said that "they are worried about this police protection, we are defiled in this region, we do not want to be in this situation."

What do we know?

Mapuche comunero died on November 14th after getting a bullet head after Carabineros began to function upon receipt Anonymous report on vehicle theft in Temucuica.

First version the uniform guaranteed that there were no audiovisual recordings of what happened, because they did not have time to install the GoPro camera. However, after that, it was known that One of them destroyed the memory card because it is believed to have been compromising images with his partner.

Minister Chadwick explained that uniforms will be formally created attempted murder, destruction of evidence and obstacles to the rule of law.

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