Monday , April 19 2021

Carolina de Moras takes on a new home page about her lifestyle Society

I invite you to buy, develop, connect, learn and, in particular, spoil it, because we have built this concept based on experience, we want you to use it every day, because we do it by developing this new home.

It's been almost a month since Carolina de Moras He left Chilevisión, for example, when he asserted that television was a closed door that he did not want to open for some time.

It is for this reason that she is currently working in new directions, and therefore the model was launched (Fashion for organic motivation), on her website, which she defines as "a dream".

De Moras explained that "the one that prompts me to launch this platform is to answer the questions I do on my social network every day, so I want to share my lifestyle and you can find answers to everyday questions in one place. about nutrition, beauty, training, fashion, travel, among many others. "

"From there, the essential pillars of this page were born: food, physical fitness, beauty, style, DIY and magazine, through them, the idea is that you like your time and also organically explore your skills," he added.

Carolina de Moras invites her followers to immerse, connect, study, dare and enjoy this type of guidebook and help her offer.

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