Thursday , March 30 2023

Carabinero shot a guy who intimidated a doctor with a knife


Karabinero at the beginning of Sunday to shoot subject after entering the office and threaten a knife doctor inside Hualpene

The situation was after a man – from 45 to 55 – He will come to the health center, demanding health care, for a reason he has never mentioned.

Then the person involved He pulled the knife out of his clothes, continuing to threaten the doctor and tilting the knife at his neck.

Later, in the 4th police station in the Habalgae, 4km try dialogue with aggressorhowever, it retains its position and even threatens police forces, so One of the soldiers decided to use his service weapon and shot the item in one of his legs.

After shooting a subject that had no police record was arrested and handed over to Higuera Hospital with less serious injuries related to the ball impact.

According to the sent Duberlí Guerrero MayorgaHualpen Mayor (S), this topic he would have escaped from other people who persecuted him and that is it one of the most serious events facing the municipality.

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