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Capital Magazine | Twenty cases that happened for the first time in 2018

1) NASA's spacecraft, the name of which recognizes scientists' lives, is being launched for the first time.

In August, a Solar Parker probe, the first NASA spacecraft named after a person still living, was launched. The ship has an astrophysical name, Eugene Parker, who first described the sun's wind in 1958. This probe, which is also intended to be registered as the fastest spacecraft, is a person who has been closer to the Sun.

2) The painting acquires a historic price for a living African-American artist.

Painting Past times Carrie James Marshall ranked the record as the highest price ever paid by a lively African-American artist's painting, because it was sold for $ 21.1 million, according to Sotheby's auction house. The 1997 buyer of pastoral thematic works, showing two black signs in his spare time, was the musical magnate Sean Diddy's combs. The seller, the Metropolitan Pier and the Exposition Office in Chicago, purchased $ 25,000.

3) Apple is becoming the first company to reach $ 1 trillion.

Apple became the first listed company, which reached more than a trillion dollars in value in August, followed by Amazon, which reached the mark only a month later. Experts say that the increase in the number of so-called "superstars" companies has contributed to a long period of economic growth in the United States, but it can also contribute to a decline in middle class and income inequality.

4) A new type of human adaptation

Researchers have reported the type of adaptation of young people to the ocean. According to the newspaper Cell, members of the ethnic Bajáu who have traditionally lived in homes or palyfites in the Southeast Asian villages have become better diving. Researchers' findings reveal that Bai, whether they are diving or other activities, are lean, 50 percent higher than those living 24 kilometers from the sea, in the continental part. Studies have shown that the ability of a larger fleet to help seawater dive deeper.

5) United Korea, at least ice

The women, part of the North Korean and South Korean hockey team, competed in the twenty-third edition of the Athenchang Winter Olympics as one team. This was the first time that both countries took part in a single Olympic team. The team lost its first game against Switzerland. However, South Korea's combined wins seventeen medals, including five gold medals.

6) The first "sausage dog" museum opens the door.

The two exflorist discovered what they called the first museum dedicated to sausage dogs. Dogs' stamps, dog-shaped breads, porcelain figurines, printed matter and other items for the Dachau Museum in Bavaria, Germany cab, one of the oldest dog breeds in Germany.

7) The first death of pedestrians caused by an autonomous vehicle

In Maury, who carried out the inspection, the Uber self-propelled vehicle in March caused the death of a woman in Tempe, Arizona; It is believed to be the first death of a pedestrian caused by an autonomous vehicle. Although the car had a back-up device, neither this nor the radar and radar system at the time accidentally did not know the woman who was trying to cross the street by bike.

8) Saudi Arabia takes part in fashion week for the first time.

Saudi Arabia organized a fashion week in April for the first time in Riyadh. However, the event showed signs of a conservative kingdom. While there were only women among visitors, it was forbidden to publish women without abayas images, a long veil covering the entire body. However, the organizers marked this event as an important moment for women in a country where they still intend to give power to their guardians.

9) Chinese company surpassed sales of Apple mobile phones.

For the first time, the Chinese company Huawei beat Apple's phones sales, since in the second quarter of 2018, it sold over 54 million mobile phones, compared with 41 million Apple located below Samsung. The success of the company is even more impressive given that Huawei is partly afraid of corporate and government espionage as it has not entered into some of the world's largest markets, including the United States.

10) Museum opens doors to nudists in Paris.

For the first time in the French capital, the museum greeted other kinds of hobbies: living. The Paris Museum of Modern Art, located in the eastern wing of the Tokyo Palace, opened the door to the nudists for an extraordinary excursion organized by the Naturists Association in Paris. The City of Light is also the first Nudist restaurant in the world, O & # 39; Naturel, which is open at the end of 2017, as well as an area in the public park for people who prefer to walk when God brought it to the world.

11) The machine releases plastic waste from the sea.

The first machine in the world to clean plastic waste in the ocean created a boy who left university studies and who had this idea since adolescence – was placed in September for what is known as the Great Stain of Pacific Ocean. Between the Hawaiian Islands and California, there is the accumulation of ocean plastics in the wider world. However, some experts worry that the machine is more damaging than repairs, and argues that it would be better to concentrate on efforts to prevent plastics from entering the ocean.

12) The French legislature prohibits devices in schools.

In September, a law prohibiting school-based equipment came into force in France. Students aged 3 to 15 will have to leave their mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices at home or excluded from school facilities, with some exceptions for students with disabilities or extra-curricular activities. Some legislators surprised the new law as excess and mentioned a valid provision prohibiting the use of mobile phones during school hours in school hours.

13) The combat pilot interrupts the gender barrier in Japan.

In Japan, whose workforce is dominated by men, in August it named its first fighter. First lieutenant Misa Matsushima, 26, who mentioned the American film Top Gun: passion and glory He was a source of inspiration, he joined the Japanese self-advancing air force in 2014. In 1993, the Air Force began to accept applications from women; however, women were not able to submit applications to become combat pilots by 2015, when the ban was lifted as part of a national initiative to increase the number of women in the workplace.

(14) Africa launches the first factory to convert waste into energy.

Ethiopia is the first African country to open a waste recycling plant. Senior government officials, including Ethiopian President Mulat Teshome, took part in the $ 120 million opening of the plant, known as Reppie, which was built at the garbage dump in the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It is assumed that it could absorb up to 80 percent of the daily capital generated and meet approximately 30 percent of its energy needs.

15) Ikea opens its first store in India.

Ikea opened its first Indian store in Hyderabad and changed its usual strategy of lowering prices and changing stocks – and even that coffee supply – to attract Indian consumers. In the next two years, the world's largest retail furniture company plans to open another three stores to meet the rapidly growing mid-range needs of the country.

16) Russia shows its strength.

In its largest army show, since the days of the Cold War, Russia has collected almost 300,000 troops, 1,000 aircraft and nine hundred dumps for the Vostok 2018 military mission. In addition, for the first time, training was taking place in China: it sent helicopters and about 3,200 soldiers.

17) The first reality TV series created in Mexico

Made in Mexico, which followed the grand life of nine members of the Supreme Society in Mexico, began to stifle in September. This series of Netflix, the first reality show in Mexico, has come to critique that it is a bad taste in a country where almost half of the population lives in poverty.

(18) Canada legalises marijuana for recreational purposes.

Canada became the first major global economy to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. This is the second country in the world – after Uruguay – to approve these laws. Since mid-October, people over the age of 18 can legally buy and use dehydrated hemp oil and flowers. It is estimated that legalization will generate revenue in billions of dollars after it is fully implemented.

19) Prices are higher than in Denmark.

According to new statistics published by Eurostat, pigs in Denmark exceed the population: 215 pigs per 100 inhabitants. According to the agency, about 150 million pigs live in the European Union, of which 40 per cent are in Germany and Spain. In addition, according to new data released by the Spanish Government, the number of slaughtered pigs – 50 million – exceeds 46.5 million.

20) The Supreme Court of India abolishes the prohibition of homosexuality.

For the first time in more than 150 years, the highest court in this country has announced a constitution law prohibiting unanimous homosexual sex in India. The rule introduced in Indian law under the British colonial law was rarely used, but critics claimed to have allowed blackmail, sexual violence and the fight against lesbian and brendian populations.

Looking at the future

Disneyland is the first public drink.

Health, Musketeers. Disneyland for the first time in 2019, when Oga Cantina opens the door to the Galaxy Edge, the long awaited Star Wars theme park theme park, is released to the general public.

The first scheduled flights to commercial space taxis are planned.

2019 will definitely be a thrilling year for commercial space travel: both the SpaceX Dragon capsule and the spacecraft Boeing Starliner have already planned their first test crew.

Source: The New York Times

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