Wednesday , March 22 2023

BMW patented a four-wheel drive system for motorcycles with an electric motor that controls the front wheel


Just over three years ago, Wunderlich, a BMW equipment and accessories specialist, presented his motorcycle prototype with Double thrust system equipped with electric motor front wheel. Now, according to the documents released by the Morebikes portal, the German manufacturer has patented a very similar system. So much that it is not excluded that the prototype was a probe balloon to find out the assistant's reaction.

BMW Motorrad is a division specializing in motorcycle manufacturer in Munich. This four-wheel drive scheme would be joined by other manufacturers, such as Honda or Indian motorcycles, which have also released similar models. It is BMW's latest patent and its four-wheel drive system include it as a standard or auxiliary accessory.

10kW electric motor for front wheel


The BMW patent description offers some guidance on how this four-wheel drive system looks. It would be a 2WD vehicle regardless of the usual rear wheel drive. That would help Reduce efforts to move them in static positions.

Models like the BMW R 1250 GS, the R 1250 RT or the K 1600 GT / GTL could use this system to improve the use of their roads. Originally, Wunderlich presented it as a supplement to the BMW R 1200 GS LC, where we had a 10kW electric motor (13,4CV) inserted into the insert.

Bmw Traction

It's not the first four-wheel drive system we see other small manufacturers have shown their systems in other casess. However, the fact that a brand like BMW rates can mean significant progress.

With a theoretically smaller difference between an electric motor, if the weight should not be excessive. The advantage over the mechanical systems they do is to add reversing gear to turn the opposite direction and add traction.


Subject to the specifications of the previous prototype, the electric motor would have a relatively small size, battery operated and operates at speeds up to 20 kilometers per hour. The system would allow them to regulate their assistance and even act as a reverse gear at 3 km / h to help the park.

BMW's double-thrust is currently only the original project, and so the potential price it could get is unknown.

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