Sunday , April 18 2021

Biobio has confirmed two cases of measles

The Seremi de Salud from the Biobío region Confirmed two measles cases which is located The concept

It is a 32-year-old woman and her six-month-old son, the cases being added to the other seven, approved at national level and who are in contact with the first infected person from a bus arriving in Chile last November 21

Mother is in Venezuelan nationality and her baby was born in Colombia. Authorities took action directions and told the woman voluntary childbirth in his home, because "he did not have a gravity criterion," they said in a statement.

Minor is under clinical observation in Guillermo Grant Benavente Regional Hospital due to "his age conditions".

All those who lived with them were evacuated in addition to the four officials who took part in these cases and another contact on the risk of age risk. Everything will be under medical supervision until January 1.

"If the traveler suspects that he returns from the trip, he shows signs and symptoms indicating measles, like rash and fever go to the nearest health center and inform health care staff about the previous trip, "said Biobío Region Health Secretary, Tanya Vidal

The Authority has repeatedly called on peaceful and vulnerable groups to participate in the vaccination process.

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