Monday , October 3 2022

As if party: peak "beep" with bus mirror arriving in "millet" in Milan | Sports


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There was an unexpected and comical situation FC Barcelona when he will arrive in Milan on Monday, his prime minister's premiership this Tuesday Tuesday against Inter Milan.

The main character of the Culé team defender and emblem Gerard Pike

It turns out that Pike handed over to herself "golpazo" when getting on the bus that took him to the concentration hotel … everything to not see and listen to music.

The Spanish opponent shakes his head in the rear view mirror and then went with some pain gestures.

This fact was spread by some Catalan media. For example, sports call a video about what's happening "LOVE! What happens when you do not see where you are …".

Let's suppose that the defender appears as the beginning of today's game against the "no hit". The proceedings will begin at noon. 17:00.

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