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Ariana Grande gets a Japanese tattoo with wrong writing

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Too bad Ariana Grande, American pop star, is vegan. He has just been tattooed by accident Japanese characters covering barbecue in Asian country.

The 25-year-old singer wanted to have a tattooed translation in Japanese "7 Rings" (seven rings), his last success title in the palm.

The artist published a photo of the result Instagram social networkbut he quickly suppressed it after netizens told him that his tattoo didn't mean what she thought. Due to a lack of spelling, the message does not apply to seven rings, but to one small Japanese coal grill.

Several tweets that he ended up deleting, Ariana Grande He admitted that he had forgotten the symbol, but hoped that the tattoo would be erased because the palms of the palms of the hands were restored before other parts of the body.

The video "7 Rings", published in mid-January, has been a success YouTube, where he has found more than 100 million views and led the single sales charts United States of America

The next star album, very popular among teenagers, will be unveiled on February 8th.

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