Tuesday , February 7 2023

Argentina has been the second most successful country in developing countries after a contradictory growth


Macri Argentina does not end up in the worst position worldwide with regard to economic performance, now as the second developing country's country with the most exposed crisis in the event of an external shock. It should be noted that the country reached this category, despite the fact that rating agencies predicted that this year it will not be able to get.

Bloomberg study, conducted by economists Scott Johnson and Ziad Dioud, redirects the country as the second most vulnerable developing country, and emphasizes that this condition this is due to the inflation rate, which is well above the projected central bank and the current account deficit.

"From now on investors should be more selective" said Hannah Anderson, global market strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management in Hong Kong. "Some winds against which the market has deteriorated continue to exist." On the opposite end, Thailand, Russia and Saudi Arabia are the strongest markets.

Argentina is second only to Turkey, which has been detained by Turkish economic sanctions against its geopolitical confrontation, which Ankara maintains with Washington, and whose Donald Trump has steadily grown. Only the Macrist administration is Egypt and South Africa.

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