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Apple says that the iPhone XR is the best-selling new mobile phone

Price is the key.

Apple has spoken and said that there are several suspects: the iPhone XR is the most successful mobile phone launched this year.

According to Gregory Joswiak, deputy vice president, CNET spoke and undoubtedly questioned the success of this year's "entry" terminal on Apple's mobile phones.

All this information, which, unfortunately, does not yield indicators, arises from analysts' concerns who have discovered that this would not be a good year for the new iPhone.

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In addition, rumors suggest that the capacity of the production chain would have fallen, as it was expected that sales in the first weeks that would not have been met.

In the light of all of the above, the question is that it is not possible to officially know if the iPhone XR is successful or it's just the best seller in the warm season for those in Cupertino and maybe we will need several months. Even if people were expected to choose this team, which has the advantage of being directly among the iPhone XS and XS Max, without losing many of the features that apply to people and significantly cheaper prices – $ 750.

This specific device has received criticism from more specialized users about the alleged "poor screen resolution" that we can test is not, and it even exceeds the sharpness, brightness, color and more than the other high performance of the competition using an OLED, which is an IPS LCD panel which is the iPhone XR.

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