Friday , April 23 2021

Antonio Mohamed: Black & White Plan B plan, if Mario Salas does not reach Colo Colo | Football

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Julio César Aguilar I Agence France Presse

In Black and white they should have ace put on their sleeve, if it were Mario Salas decide to stay Sports crystal and throw away the chance to drive Colo colo

As reported BioBioSportsif the "commander" does not reach Cacique, they should have an Argentinean technician in their places of interest under the leadership Antonio Mohamed who has now left the post without a club in Spain.

Colo Colo Technical Manager Marcelo Espina He met with Turk in Argentina, with which he even improved his name's approval if the Islands did not reach Macul.

Perhaps the trainer is also one of the candidates Boca Juniors, before the departure of Guillermo Barros Schelotto. In this context, the possibility of albos would also be included in Plan B.

The fact that he represents Mohamed is reaffirming the fact that Mohamed is back in power Christian Bragarnik an agent who has already linked the Colo Colo with the arrival of the left-handed Damián Pérez mid-year.

In addition to his recent player in the Spanish league, Mohamed presents the Argentine and Mexican football events with the addition of the First B Tradition to Hurricane, Mexico First Division Championships with Thuwan and America, in addition to Copa Sudamericana 2010 with the Independiente de Avellaneda.

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