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Angelica Sepulveda admitted that in the reality show "1810" she was pregnant.

The reality of 1810 was one of the most successful 13th channel works in the genre, and perhaps one of the most mentioned figures of this exhibition is Angelica Sepuleda, who was invited to the Chilevisión exhibition "La noche es nuestra" last Tuesday and gave a peculiar detail.

At the end of the reality record, two months went to the grand finals, and production was complicated because he didn't know if they had Sepulved's presence due to the demands they had.

And at this time, when the "Yungay Little Ax" learned about a message that could change its future: she was pregnant with Arturo Prat, a member with whom she polished during childbirth.

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During the conversation she referred to a break with Prata, which was due to the fact that she did not defend her after she was not invited to the finalist photo shoot.

"Stress made me very sensitive and I wanted to participate. Arturo told me to continue my studies and nothing, I began to learn, and I felt bad," he said.

And then he added, "Surprise, I was pregnant", surprising the program animators.

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"I said to Arturo that I felt weird, bad, and he said, "Are you not?" And I told him I didn't believe it was just stress"He told me.

As for the finals Sepúlveda said he talked to María José Barraza, the reality producer, and said he didn't feel good enough to appear in the finals.

However, she told him that there was a contract and that he had to appear yes or yes, but Sepúlveda had never told the production team that she was pregnant.

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