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"Alzheimer's Traffic Indicator", "app" for the diagnosis of this disease Society

Quirón Gipuzkoa and Bunt Planet will launch an app to evaluate and prevent Alzheimer's disease

The new application, which measures the risk of future illness and helps prevent it, is available free of charge in Basque and Spanish.

Diputación de Gipuzkoa and neurologist Gurutz Linazasoro introduced this Wednesday "Alzheimer's light"- A new computer application to assess the future risk of this disease and prevent it from a healthy lifestyle that helps the brain get better".

Gipuzkoan Doctor, Quirón Salud-Policlínica Gipuzkoa, Director of Advanced Therapy Program for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Hospital, and Maite Peña, Regional Deputy Social Policy, presented at San Sebastian in Donostia. the new APPthat has created Bunt Planet is available Free Basque and Spanish.

Linazasoro recalled that the development of Alzheimer's disease in two-thirds of the cases genetic heritage and agingfactors that cannot be influenced at the moment are "environmental factors" or "lifestyles" with which the third part is linked.

"Keep Alzheimer's Ghost" or "delay its appearance"That is why it is one of the aims of the new computer tool, which focuses on its efforts to reduce the incidence of bad habits in the development of the disease," he said.

APP "does not foresee early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease," warned an expert who indicated that it was valid for the user's lifestyle. it is measured with green, yellow and red colors– and make suggestions on what "should change to make the brain older and reduce the risk of suffering."

The The questionnaire contains 24 questions They control blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or cholesterol, as well as alcohol or tobacco consumption habits, physical activity, sleep or stress, as well as intellectual and social

Linazasoro has recommended use the tool every three or four months and fill out the form to check if the light of the light signal has changed according to the changes introduced in the habits of life.

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