Thursday , January 27 2022

After winning Moon's dark side, China goes through Mars


China announced on Monday its intention to continue expanding its space exploration program with a mission this year to collect samples from the Moon and the other in 2020, which will target Mars, informed Wu Yanhua, Deputy Director of the National Space Agency of China (ANEC).

After the Chinese probe Chang & # 39; e 4 arrived on the dark side of the Moon on January 3, for the first time in the history of landing "with success", Beijing plans to include satellite fragments on Earth: "Sample Collection Mission. T Chang & # 39; 5 is scheduled for late 2019, ”said Wu.

These samples would reach the blue planet "by 2020", pointing to ANEC's second number, on the same date as the "first Mars exploration mission", some companies said WuW was open to international capital participation.

Other challenges ahead, especially the planned Chang & # 39; e 8, will try to test "key technologies" and "do preliminary research" – the speaker said in preparation for the construction. scientific basis on the moon in the future, however, refused to provide deadlines.

Wu also did not specify dates a possible crew mission on the moon– The assumption "that Chinese scientists are studying" at the moment "at the research stage and not yet at the decision-making stage".

Current Mission

For the current mission. T. Chang & # 39; s 4its chief engineer, Sun Zezhou, reduced the difficulty of locating the research car on the hidden side of the moon, as the 360-degree photo published by ANEC last Friday showed the terrain with craters.

The expert said that "if there is an obstacle ahead, the vehicle will stop and look for another way autonomously. be able to easily adapt to obstacles and growth"

Chang & # 39; e 4 consists of a landing module and a researcher vehicle that is baptized as Yutu 2 (In Chinese mythology "Yutu" means "jade rabbit", Chang's mascot, goddess living on the moon.

The probe reached almost one month to reach its goal: it was launched on December 8, four days later on the Moon orbit, and the third day after China at 10:26 am. Previous Days of Chile).

Chang & # 39; s started with the release of the first probe in 2007, and since then four other devices have been transferred to the only satellite on Earth.

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