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A new figure in the trap that will arrive in La Cumbre

Only 18 years old, Paloma Castillo, better known as Dove Mommy This has been a very unusual upsurge, even after the times that have lived.

The movie, which was released in June for her first single "Not Steady", managed to attract attention to her in Chile and abroad.

The daughter of Chile's parents, born in New York, after a short time at TVN's renowned talent program in Rojo in the second season, Paloma was able to focus on the sound of hip-hop, R & B heritage, and in particular trap, one of the moments of music.

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A few months after the start of the program "Not steady", which has so far added over 10 million views to YouTube, became the first of its kind in Chile, which signed the international label, Sony Music in Latin American. In parallel, several city music stars recognized it J Balvin, C. Tangana and Maluma.

"I feel that it's crazy that things are going very fast" A few days ago the artist coached in the Publimetro interview, in which she discovered that in the next few days she would release a new single, with which she promises to surprise her revenge and which will be part of her big debut in the system Summit.

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This event is going to happen January 12 at Equestrian Sports Club, is significant for counting the first local promotional stand poster. Dove Mami will be part of more than 12 hours of live music, a great day that will include words like Javier Mena, Drefquila, Ana Tijoux, Santaferia, Denise Rosenthal, The Three, Francisca Valenzuela, among other things.

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