Monday , April 19 2021

A full throttle remastered can be temporarily downloaded for free

GOG He wanted to celebrate Christmas in advance, and then he, after his decision, gives us great news. give the video game, which in this case will be Full Throttle Remastered, is one of the best classical literature produced by LucasArts and originally published in 1995.

However, the ad is only temporary, so it would be better if you quickly change it and take it with you to include it in your library, because it will only be charge for the next 45 hourswhen writing messages. This will be enough to access the GOG homepage and click on the Get It FREE gaming banner.

The legendary graphic adventure returned to its 20th anniversary improved graphics, as well as they transformed their sound and the great soundtrackin which the theme "The Legacy" of The Gone Jackals appears, which, of course, will continue to stay. Even so, if you want to get a more classic experience, you can always change the graphics to the originals.

On the other hand he is not the only one you can get for free these days since GOG has started selling in winter in winter, and if your purchase exceeds $ 15 this day, you'll get a copy Everspace, in addition to each other Fantasy General for the first title that you get until January 3rd.

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