Thursday , January 27 2022

A family who had to travel on the floor of the plane


When they got on an airplane that would take them after the holidays, Taylor met an unpleasant surprise.

The family had paid $ 1600 to fly in June last year with Mahon TUI airline on the Spanish island of Menorca to Birmingham in the UK.

They had boarding cards and their seats were 41 D, E and. But instead only I had a empty space below stickers.

The family recently told about their problem program Rip Off Britain: Holidays, from BBC One.

"Three of us looked at each other as they say," where do we go? "" Paula Taylor said.

When all the passengers boarded, there was only one free seat on the plane.

It was taken by Taylor's daughter Brooke, but her parents took up a folding seat in the service area.

But when the flight started, the crew began serving food and other items that were stored behind these seats, so Taylor's marriage had to go from there and sat on the ground. in the room where they should have been.

Brooke joined them because she didn't want to sit alone.


The family says that the flight crew thanked them for their understanding.

But Paula Taylor says she has been receiving insufficient help when she reported an incident to FDI and offered her a goodwill gesture of $ 38.

After the family contacted the program Rip Britain, FDI reimbursed full ticketing.

He also explained that the family seats were not available due to the "last minute change" and the alternative plane It had a different seating configuration.

The airline said it "regretted the situation" and that it would contact the family to apologize.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the case and, according to the BBC, will contact the FDI to seek clarification.

This authority claims that although passengers can sit on crew seats under certain conditions, they should not be left in any part of the flight.

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