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A dispute that overshadowed Alexander Zverev's victory over Roger Federer – 17.11.2018.


Aleksandra Zvereva's huge victory for Roger Federer, who first deposited 21-year-old German Masters final, was barely clear about the controversy that was the main character of the attacker during the hottest game.

The second set of tie tie was disputed, after Germany stayed first with 7-5. Zverev was 3-4. Absolute Federer's collapse began to put him in trouble. Then the blonde stopped at the point and walked to the court seat, turning to one of the court angles.

What happened? The ball escaped from the ball, which reached only a meter before the boy recovered it. Is it enough to decentralize the tattoo? That does not sound like that. However, the regulation confirmed his claim and after a brief conversation with Federer, the judge ordered this question to be repeated.

Zverev came from a hassle with ace, then he went 5-4 and used the opponent's entrance to the network to get two points. After wasting, the first came back, the second failed with his service: with a back roller that can not be reached, Roger closed the tie break by 7-5.

After the victory, the German society was motivated by this incident. "Sorry to all" was the first thing that won when they approached the microphone. "I regret that this happened, but these are the rules. I did not want that to be the case. I already apologize to Roger on the network, and he said he was fine," he added.

As always, Switzerland, the gentleman, avoided adding fuel to the fire and defended Zverev. "I do not like booms. They were not fair Sascha. He apologized when the game was over, I told him that they were playing the game, that he should not be sorry, "said the third world ranking rank, which was the title of the 100th title with this defeat.

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