Tuesday , March 21 2023

6 unusual signs that may indicate heart disease


According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world.

And Latin America does not escape statistics.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the first obvious sign that a person has a cardiovascular problem is if they already have a fear: a heart attack.

However, as it explains Converstion Adam Taylor, Director of Clinical Anatomy Training Center and Professor of English at the University of Lancaster, has external signs that can give you indications that something is wrong with a heart before something irreversible.

1. Crochet ears

Known as Frank sign in honor of Dr. Sanders Frank, who discovered that overgrown and external wrinkles have increased risk of suffering atherosclerosis– a disease that causes the plaque to form in the arteries.

There are more than 40 studies, Taylor emphasizes that refutes this correlation.

The reason is unknown, although it is believed to be because both have embryos.

It has long been discovered that wrinkles in the ears are associated with complications in the blood vessels of the brain.

2. Fat packs

Another signal that warns us is the so-called xanthoms, yellow fat bumps They usually appear on the elbows, buttocks, knees and eyelids.

These curves are not dangerous, but they show that something is wrong.

The fat extractions of these properties are usually due to too many so-called "bad cholesterol" (low-density lipoprotein clinical terminology).

This cholesterol surplus is usually found in the arteries that leave the heart.

3. Curved nails

This is one of the symptoms that has long been known. The nails are curved, they become thicker and wider. This usually happens on the fingers of both hands.

Excessive fabric is a sign that oxygen does not come to all fingers right through the blood and our body's reaction is to create excessive layers.

4. Halo around the iris

The excess fat is not only visually visible on the skin, but also visible in the eyes through the iris.

And that is not a good sign either.

This call arcus senilis begins to form at the top and bottom of the iris until it is completely closed. Doesn't interfere with visionbut it is related to coronary disease.

5. Swollen gums and loose teeth

Your oral health also says to your heart.

Several studies have shown that loss of teeth or periodontitis (inflammation of the gums) are also indicators of cardiovascular disease.

6. Blue lips

If someone is very cold, it is normal for the lips to turn purple or blue temporarily.

But if the temperature is not a factor, this color can mean that the blood is not irrigated lips, which is lack of oxygen.

All these symptoms, Taylor recalls, may be related to other diseases, and sometimes they are a benign signal, but in case of doubt it is best to always consult a doctor.

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