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18-year-old Carol G sings in English: that’s what he looked like 11 years ago


Caroline Giraldo Navarro, better known by her stage name as Carol G, has shown her musical talent since childhood. At the age of 18, he was already dazzling with his strong voice, as seen in the 2009 video.

In a clip posted by a Colombian interpreter on her Instagram account, she sings an English song by Alicia Keys in her room at home. A completely different picture of the girl we know today.

With long black hair up to his chest, very simple makeup, wearing a slimmer figure, far from the eccentricities that dominate the show that currently surrounds him, you can see a simpler and more natural Carol G.

In another 2008 video, you can also see one of the most recognizable representatives of the city’s genre, who sings the song “Killing me softly” by the American rapper Lauryn Hill. “Remembering what this process has been like … Back, 17 years old,” he commented on the post.

That’s what Carol G fans did

Fans of the singer “Tusa” were surprised by the changes she has experienced over the last 11 years.

Carol G’s goal in 2009 was already to be a great singer and showed sparkles about what a great musical talent that defines her and what her followers now love.

At the time, Anuela AA’s girlfriend had already recorded her first single, “En La Playa,” and in the same year she served as the opening event for some of Daddy Yankee’s concerts in Colombia.

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