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Why Los Angeles Rams Will Win the Super Bowl LIII

This is Los Angeles's first Super Bowl since 2001, and many people don't offer underground.

Jared Gof is the fourth newest start in the history of the Super Bowl. Sean McVay, only 33 years old, is the newest head coach in Super Bowl history. In fact, Tom Brady is eight years older than McVay.

But despite the huge difference in experience, there are good reasons why young rams should be taken seriously.

The Rams is looking for the second Super Bowl victory in franchise history, coming for the first time in Atlanta in 2000. Here's why you shouldn't be against a team that has risen to the second place in the same city.

Protective front four
Tom Brady could be the greatest of all time, but Aaron Donald will be the best player on Sunday.

The Brady Super Bowl lost twice against the New York giants because of pressure in the middle, and it is in 1–3 Super bowls when he's hit eight or more. Donald-led rams have four talents to create similar problems no. 12.

No Coordinator Trainer against Brady is better than Rams Defense Coordinator Wade Phillips. In the 2015 AFC Championship game, Denver Broncos – under Phillips leadership – after Brady was another, has since released him four times and beat him 17. And Phillips historically played Belichik and Brady: the last three times Phillips has faced With patriots, his defense has given an average of 19 points in the game.

But it's not just L.A's ability to get by the passerby, who will have a decisive factor on Sunday because there are only 98 meters left for rams, who have played the players so far.

Aqib Talib
Donald is the best sheep guard, but Aqib Talib is probably the most valuable. Of the $ 221 million spent this season, no one bought a better return on investment than Talib.

The cornerstone of the veterans did not match weeks 4 to 12 with ankle injuries, but has returned to the field for games and plays well, changing the way we perceive Aries defense. By Talibu, L.A. the defense has dropped from 18.3 points per game, 312.4 meters per game, 209.9 meters per game, 11-13 TD-to-intercept ratios and 78.4 opponents pass by. Without Talib, Rams refused 30.8 points per game, 401.3 total yards per game, 272.6 meters long per game, 23-6 TD-intercept ratios and 111.6 opponents passers-by.

The 32-year-old is well aware of the New England scheme after practicing them as a former Patriot member every day. The Taliban could return to play their former team with a big game, but even without being able to play a variable game, his ability to play a broom and blanket on every tense end to No. 1 receivers raises Rams' protection ceilings and gives Phillips flexibility as a defense game caller.

Todd Gurley
The death of Todd Gurley is very exaggerated.

Since 2015, Gurley manages the league with 46 urgent touches. This season, including players, Gurley is 1,376 meters, averaging five meters per carriage and rumbled for 19 urgent TDs. Rams are 11-0 when Gurley gets 15-plus, and this season. And it wasn't so long that the rams were shattered by the Dallas Cowboys for 273 urgent shipyards in the round.

A week after the NFC title, where he just touched the ball, Gurley rested. In the last two weeks he has heard how bad he is playing. He is delighted as an angry runner on Sunday.

Hams are likely to be led sooner and often by the Lombardi Trophy.

To beat the patriots, you can't beat yourself. Just ask Dee Ford and Kansas City Chiefs.

Rams is the smallest NFL team this season. Often Belichick faces a team that is more disciplined than what he is training.

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