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What we know is 10 matches for the NBA season 2018-2017. The year that remains question mark

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The Los Angeles Lakers this year started a brisk start, and many of them predicted that, given the updated magazine, they were faced with the challenge of the opponents that were in the games. But the defense's improvement has led to a change, and the team is now 11-9, playing on Thursday.

Lakers' Chief Trainer Luke Walton is valued by a team of 10 games and is pleased with how his group has progressed at an approximate start. However, Walton noted that while the Lakers defender has grown, it's about to hit their pace and offense, and the next is to strike a balance.

This season, with 20 games, is viewed on the Lakers list, which is still a question mark.

LeBron is still LeBron

Sixteen years have passed, and LeBron James is still there. James leads the team at points (27.6), rebounds (7.9), assists (6.7), and steals (1.4). He's shooting more than 37 percent of the three, not to mention the bouts of recording at night.

The aggressive ball is the best ball

Ask your teammates or coaches about Lonzo Ball and they will tell you how much he can influence the game …. While he is aggressive. In the 2nd year, Ball has risen and shows growing confidence.

He fights three with less hesitation and 35 percent accuracy. His growing statement, which includes more trips to the basket, will be the key to keeping the Lakers breach revving the full throttle.

JaVale McGee is an influential player

How could Javale McGee appear to be the biggest man in the Lakers after two seasons when he played for nine minutes on average? Twenty McGee games are on average 24 minutes, 12.7 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2.9 blocks (!) For each game.

McGee has made itself a bonafide presence at the Lakers Low.

The team can take care of basketball

Lakers' turnover problems are more intense with Rajon Rondo out over the past two weeks. The effort to keep pace up, goes hurried, rude and sometimes over-ambitious.

Blowing the ball up does not only lose the opportunity to attack, but also lighten the battle for opponents. On average, the team gained 18.5 points from the Lakers turnover. They currently hold 21 positions in turnover for each game, and they only have two games with a one-digit turnaround.

Evaluation is not a problem

The Lakers have found ways to create a criminal offense. They have spent the top 10 points of the first 20 league games for each game. The question is, do not let the opponents score more.

LeBronZo can work

The strange low style of gaming has shown the ability to coexist with James. Two high-level IQ players have a number of outstanding highlights. Five people in groups that played together for more than 20 minutes, two with the most offensive rating are both James and Ball.

Rajon Rondo is not toxic

Rondo has some reputable luggage when it comes to his locker room presence. But a quarter of the way through the season in Los Angeles and the biggest drama that he mixed up is due to the wart fight with Chris Paul. Nothing inside.

If Rondo plays in games, whether it is in conversation or on the floor, he constantly speaks and trains his teammates. Even with a broken hand, the veteran defender has been in the court of Lakers in the practice of working with his team.

The West is wild

It's crazy here! About a quarter mark, Clippers sit at the Western Conference, and Houston Rockets is in 14th place. This jam is packed amidst stage, and the Lakers are currently hovering to the seventh place. Each game is important and we love it.

The Lakers Front Office will take action

At the beginning of November, Magic Johnson's meeting with Luke Walton for Tyson Chandler shows that this front office wants to win and win now. If the Lakers will continue flights from about 500 until December, it would not be surprising that this correspondence will change until February.

As for what we do not know about the Lakers …

How can a LeBron James patient be?

11-9 record is the worst painful James has been in the season since 2007. Remember what he warned on October 29th: "You do not want to be around me when I lose patience"? After losing in Minnesota and 2-5 early in the Lakers won nine of their next 11 games.

But after two ugly losses (home to Orlando Magic and failure in Denver), Lakers have returned to the problem of defect protection and turnover. What will be the impulse to sway until December and to what extent can the patient be a king?

Who is the second guy in the team?

This season there are five games this season in which James does not play: Kyle Kuzma (3), Brandon Ingram (1), Lance Stephenson (1). The other two leading runners in the team are Kuzma (16.7 points per game) and Ingram (15.7).

Despite this, we still need to see a Laker, not a LeBron close clutch.

Can Brandon Ingram Work With LeBron?

This is appalling because Ingram was upset by a young man who would best benefit from playing with James. Unfortunately, the stats say otherwise. James and Ingram played 417 minutes together. According to ESPN, when James is in court, Ingram valued 15.1 points for 36 minutes 44.1 percent of the shooting.

When James is off, these numbers move to the field to 56% out of 29.5. Ingram development is more important than one. Can the total November 2, 2016 develop in tandem with the king? If not, will he develop enough to have a great deal of a trade to pull into another superstar?

Is anyone safe from moving (in addition to James)?

Data to remember: December 15 is when front offices can officially market guys who changed teams as free agents this summer. February 7 is also a trade date.

Aggressive maneuvering The Lakers Presidential Basketball Action Magic Johnson and Chief Executive Rob Pelink in the past have shown that this magazine may not seem the same, coming on February 8th.

Will the pace persist?

Lakers currently have second place in the league at fast-paced points for each game, and they rank first in five rounds (103.93). The team wants to play fast, but what is the reality with an older James mix who is masterful for his side of the offense?

Will this track team keep up its speed, or will it be a challenging pace for Peter, since the season will smooth out?

Can it quickly achieve solid protection?

As Lakers want to halt the level of protection, will it affect how they want to play at the second trial? Can a high level of protection lead to a high flying offense?

Are there head bands to stay?

Please send the emotion of the prayer hand.

Is Free Throwing Problems Sticky?

This team has fought in the charity band in the first 20 games. The Lakers have five in the lowest free shot shooting (71.5) and one game (16.2). Not to mention the overall landscape of the league, the team does not make much wall behind the line.

The Lakers are 25 points in the total percentage points of free-rider tracks (14.3 percent).

Can Lakers get more consistent production from their booths?

Creating an early stop, Rondo injury and the creation of a new magazine has not created an ideal opportunity for consistent lines to develop chemistry. It's early, but the Lakers bench is 10 points per game (33.7), so what can Waltons do to maximize production when James is not in court?

Where is LaVar Ball?

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