Friday , October 22 2021

What was the mysterious object that hit the Super Blood Wolf Moon? Now we have the answer – RT World News


Scientists have solved the mystery that on January 21st suddenly watched the stargazer when the small object hit the moon, as it impressed millions with copper red transformation.

An article by a team of scientists from Colombia and the Dominican Republic gives a detailed overview of the object that has recently arrived during the Moon. For a moment, when the suspect meteor hit the moon's surface, only a few captured it, but caused a glaring guess game about the origin and size of the object. The impact itself was very short, at that time only the bright flash was visible in the upper left quadrant of the Earth satellite.

Using images and video clips from Colombian, Dominican Republican, and Moroccan amateur astronomers, the researchers sought to determine the size, orbit, energy and influence left by the meteor faced by many celestial observers.

Yes, it was a really small meteorite and they estimated it could weigh between 20 and 100 kg (44 to 220 pounds). It was slightly larger than basketball and measured from 30 to 50 cm (11 and 19 inches).

As the space stone is relatively heavy, it left a rather large destruction path when it fell to the Moon at a speed of about 47,000 km / h. According to the researchers, the collision left a crater of 7 to 14 meters, which could be determined by the moon probe in the future.

Research shows that such meetings are quite common, but it stands out as it has been seen by many people around the world, providing a rare insight into the phenomenon. The surface of the lunar is affected every day by about 2800 kg of meteor material, mainly stone and ice.

Social networks and easy access to technology have provided great help in raising awareness of celestial events, said Carl Peña, a member of the Dominican Astronomical Society and co-author of the work. "Science has brought humanity closer than ever" (especially without experts). ”

"Super Blood Moon" is a rare occurrence of three cosmic phenomena. Wolf Wolf is the name given to the local American tribes on the full moon, which occurs in January, but the common moon eclipse is called Blood Moon. It is also called a "supermoon" because the moon reaches its nearest orbital point to Earth.

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