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What is Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend, Colleen Conrad?

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad | Alberto E. Rodrigese / Getty Images WE tv

You can remember Jon Gosselin from the TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 Or maybe you know him better to avoid the camera.

John and Kate Gosselin first found fame in 2005 after special events that mirrored their lives by creating twins and sixpads. The one-hour programs were so successful that the family offered their reality show with a name Jon & Kate Plus 8. Then the two became household names, but the audience saw that they had controversial relationships and their marriage began to spoil. In 2009, after 10 years, they divorced.

After their divorce, John was accused of doing everything in his power to remain in the spotlight. He headed for evening (and caught) at nightclubs and photographed all the time with different women. But it has changed a lot since then.

He has a serious relationship with Colleen Conrad these days, and both have even talked about marriages, which is something Gosselin said earlier that he would never do anything.

Here's more than a woman who stole her heart and could one day become the new Gosselin.

They knew each other all their lives

Gosselin and Conrad have been dating since 2015, but they are familiar to each other throughout their lives.

"I've known Colleen all his life, so yes. We grew up in three blocks from each other," said the eight father of WE tv Real Love: Reality TV The Past, Present and Future December 11, 2018. "Her sister accompanied me."

Conrad has also his own children

Konrad Gosselin's children have been mothers for years. She has two children, one son and one daughter, and they met each and every time with John's twins and six. In fact, it creates a photo of them with Hannah and Colin in advance.

Conrad is a nurse practitioner

Konrad went to the Penn State University College and worked for years as a registered nurse. However, she decided to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. She attended Drexel University in Philadelphia and, when she graduated from 2017, Gosselin congratulated her on Instagram.

"Congratulations to the honey, the masters of the nurse and nurse practitioner," he named the photo of the couple who smiled together on her big day.

Are they in the future for wedding bells?

So, are these two thinking of going down the road anytime soon?

"I've been together with Colleen for four years now, and when it comes to marriages I've been thinking about, yes," said it, "Gosselins discovered.

However, he did not want to provide more information in the WE tv panel, but urged fans to check his Instagram page to get updates on their romance.

"Just look at my Instagram," he said. "As the stories get out, I think it's so funny."

We have mentioned that this means that if he likes the question we will first find out through his social media accounts.

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