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What Charlie Hunnam and the other "Anarchy Sons" are today

It has been five years since then Sons of Anarchy ended the epic race FX. Kurt Sutter and the company are working hard on the spin-off exhibition Mayans MCmost of the original members have moved to other projects. Here is a quick review of your favorite SOA the stars are up to these days.

Mark Boone Junior, Charlie Hunnam, Kim Coates, Theo Rossi, Dayton Callie, and Niko Nicotera | Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam character was the driving force of the show in all seven seasons. He can no longer drive Dyna as Jax Teller, but Hunn has been busy since SOA. With roles King Arthur: The Legend of Sword, Papillons, and Triple Frontier, Hunnam has successfully switched to the big screens.

When he doesn't work, Hunn sometimes shows comics around the world. According to Mix 95.7, Hunn is scheduled to run the Kundalini Yoga Class in the upcoming Motor City Comic Con with his former SOA co-author Ryan Hurst.

Ryan Hurst

Speaking of Hurst, the actor portrayed Jax's best friend to
his character was killed in the 5th season SOA, Hurst is
was part of several TV shows. This includes the look Bates Motel
and The Walking Dead. Lucky fans, of course, can also see him in the Motor
City Comic Con May.

Katey Sagal

Sagal depicted Jack's faithful mother, Gemmu Morrow, who was
often compared to Lady Macbeth. After SOA packed in 2014, Sagal
worked on Sutter's short series, Bastard performer. She also
guests spoke Mayans MC, The Connors, and Shameless.

Ron Perlman

Perlman did a great job of managing a leading antagonist SOA, Clay Morrow. The participant has retained a busy schedule over the last five years, including roles The hands of God and StarUp. He has also performed voice transmissions for several video games, including Monster Hunter and Fallout 76.

As the pop culture pointed out, Perlman is preparing
appears in ABC comedy Sharing together Season 2 final.
Perlman plays part of Martin (Oliver Hudson) father, Brock
looking to join your son again after years of family.

Kim Coates

Coates character, Tig Trager, was the show's lover,
despite the fact that his actions were often devastating. Like most of
members of this list, Coates has been very active since
series. His most important roles have been in television shows Bad blood and
Ghost Warsand the appearance of the film Cold Brook.

Emilio Rivera

In accordance with Screen RantRivera was one of the few cast players to get the chance to repeat their role Mayans MC. The actor played a major role in the 1st season as house president Mark Alvarez. He also participated in the film Venom, and is ready to work on Rob Zombie's upcoming movie, 3 No hell.

Maggie Siff

Siph was useful SOA as Jax's faithful wife Tara
Knowles, who met the tragic end after being murdered by his own mother.
In recent years, the actress has played a role in television programs
to show, Billion. She also participated in the film One percent

Tommy Flanagan

Like Hunnam, Flanagan has moved to the big screens since the big screen SOA. Flanagan, who played Chibs Telford as a biker drama, played a minor role Galaxy Guards Nr. 2. He also appeared with Hunnam Papillons and the star is set in the new series Wu Assassins.

Theo Rossi

Rossi was careful SOA like Juan
Juice Ortiz and used her experience to highlight a great role a
Netflix created a superhero drama Luke Cage. He is also set to play a
take part in the upcoming movie War Ghosts, horror movies
Second World War.

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