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Whales that can be hit by a ship – BC News

Mayor Doug McCallum Surrey is accused of turning down the truth by publishing a news release released last week to repay the city debt.

Shortly after midnight Tuesday, McCallum issued a press release stating that he was "deeply anxious and shaken by the kernel" about $ 514 million in debt for urban books.

"The fact that the debt burden is $ 514 million is simply unjustified and openly, irresponsible," he said.

But according to 2017 municipality budget, Surrey's debt is actually $ 267 million, reports CTV News.

Answering questions, the Mayor's Cabinet explained things on Wednesday.

"The $ 514 million value is the planned debt that the city could assume under the current five-year financial plan of 2018-2012, approved in December 2017, if it could be allowed to be completed," the statement said.

McCallum declined to comment on this question.

– with files from CTV Vancouver


November 28, 2018 / 5-20 | Story:

An RCMP official who took his life in 2013 stopped on Wednesday when he read the latest emails exchanged by two men with coroner inquiries.

RCMP's Opinion Denis Boucher, who was Pierre Lemaitre's manager when he was transferred to the traffic department, told him that they could meet coffee and chat in one of the emails.

"I hope you will improve your recovery," said Boucher, reading one of his exchanges with Lemaitre. "I just wanted to tell you that I will always help you if I can."

Some people in the courtroom also wiped out tears when they listened to the interaction between them.

Lemaitre was a RSPM sergeant and media spokesman when he released inaccurate information that the investigation had heard that he was not allowed to correct information about a man who died after confrontation with the police at Vancouver International Airport in 2007.

Lemaitre, a former family doctor and psychologist, said that he had post-traumatic stress disorder related to the victims of crime, but the incident involving Robert Dziekanski increased his depression and anxiety.

Former Municipality media strategist accused Lemaitre of betrayal, proving that their executives were "hanging out to dry", which prevented him from recording straight. Atoja Montags said in a study that Lemaitre was used to convey a false story about Dziekanski's death, a Polish man who could not speak English and arrived at the airport for 10 hours after the excitement.

After the incident, Lemaitre told reporters that officers approached the militant and attacked twice with Taser. But two days later he watched a video of a witness who showed that Dziekanski arrived relatively calmly when the mountains arrived and that they used the gun five times.

Sheila Lemaitre said her husband was transferred to the case after two days and eventually moved to the traffic department, which he compared to "waste disposal". He felt that his colleagues had been humiliated and careless and one of them was called "superfluous," she testified this week.

Boucher said Lemaitre was not superfluous, but "an integral part of the team."

E-mails showed that the two men had a close relationship.

"It's been quite a struggle to deal with this depression," Lemaitre wrote in response to his manager, adding that his doctors had changed some medications because there seems to be no progress.

Boucher said he was aware that Lemaitre suffered from PTSD and depression. He also described him as a person with a strong work ethic.

At the same time, Lemaitre's head of the media department said that Lemaitre did not seem to be excessively opposed to the misinformation he provided to the media after the death of Dzekanska.

John Ward, a retired staff sergeant, told the part of the communication officer's confidence that the media's information is largely correct.

The jury asked if RCMP was generally aware that it had provided incorrect information.

"I can not remember where we gave the wrong information," he replied. "We were careful about the information we provided."

The warden said that after the Dziekanska incident he spoke to Lemaitre, but there was no discussion about the correction of information, because as soon as it was available in the media, there was not much to do.

Coroner's research is organized to hear evidence of recommendations that could be made to prevent similar deaths in the future and do not blame.

Earlier this month, Tsawwassen's dead humpbacked wool was probably hit by a ship, found a widow.

The whales were discovered on the 16th of November near the BC Ferries terminal.

Third, the results of the maize revealed on Wednesday show that its death "corresponds to a catastrophic strike of the ship with propeller injuries," CTV News reports.

At the same time, the tests that took place on the dead oracle calf, which appeared two days ago near Nootk Island, was born alive and probably died a few days later.

DNA revealed that it was a transitory whale, not a part of the population of endangered southern orchards.

– with files from CTV Vancouver


Surrey, a man who attacked autistic men in the Toronto area bus terminal, was sentenced to the time when he was taken.

Ronjot Dhami was one of three B.C. Men were caught in a violent attack on March 13. He acknowledged that the culmination of Wednesday has become worse, CTV News reports.

The Dhami was sentenced to 12 months, but he was released from custody with a loan for the times he worked. He will also be on probation for two years.

"I'm sorry for what I've done," he said in a Dham court.

Parmvir Singh Chahil and Jaspaul Uppal were also charged in the attack.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

B.C. the government has been calling for interest to provide replacement bus services to fill the gaps that Greyhound departed late in late October.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure states in a statement that up to now 83% of the old routes have been covered thanks to the rapid tracking programs of companies such as Ebus, which are about to start up. However, there are still eight routes left.

Now their call for expressions of interest is an understanding of what private sector operators, non-profit organizations, public agency representatives, local authorities, indigenous communities or other stakeholders might have in place that could complete coverage. The parties will still have to apply for an intercity bus license to the Passenger Transportation Board.

Eight routes are as follows:

  • Cache Creek on Camelot 1st highway
  • Kamloops to Valemount on Highway 5
  • Valemount to B.C.-Albert to the 5th and 16th highways
  • Dawson Creek to the B.C.-Albert boundary on Highway 2
  • Salmo on Creston 3 and 6 motorways
  • Cranbrook to B.C.-Albert's boundary on Highway 3
  • Fort Nelson to B.C.-Yukon at 7th highway
  • Hope to Princeton on Highway 3

The deadline for submitting the relevant respondents is 15 January 2010, and the submission of the offer can be found here. The ministry is continuing discussions with the federal government and other provinces and territories, working to find a long-term viable solution to ensure B.C. safe and secure land transport. citizens.

Alanna Kelly

High-Tech Camera B.C. rare animals in your wild life that you would never be able to see.

The 100th edition of WildSafeBC celebrations, featuring its own Wednesday video series, brings together the best and most impressive videos. The full video has already been viewed more than 1,100 times in five hours.

The oldest WildSafeBC coordinator, Frank Ritcey, says his favorite video from a six-minute video is wearing a pack and their little ones.

"When we got the wallet pack and their little ones, how often can you see something like that?" he said. "Not too often."

Cameras placed over B.C. captured the wolf and the bear interacts, eagles and hawks, bobcats, puma and even a monarch butterfly appear.

"Some of the materials that we really enjoy are animals that do things that you do not usually see," said Rieet.

The idea of ​​the Wild Wednesday was to introduce people to wildlife because they live in the wild.

"Our idea is that it's better to see wildlife in nature than in our backyard, who is eating waste," said Rhythm.

WildSafeBC's slogan is "to keep wildlife and community safe" and they are hoping to teach communities how to reduce the number of wildlife conflicts.

The full version of the video can be found on the WildSafe BC Facebook page.

The members of the high school volleyball team who took part in the second crash time were all released from the hospital and returned to Prince George.

BC Air Ambulance and paramedics rushed to Highway 97 near Cache Creek after the school's bath went straight after midday.

The wagon was a team of 10 players and two staff from College Heights High School. One person should be on the airplane from the aerodrome.

Thank you to the team member for all those who sent the best wishes.

"We'll all be right," said one of the Cougars. "Thank you all for all the prayers and love."

One player was in a critical condition, but on Tuesday he was released from the hospital.

School District 57 Supt. Marilyn Marquis-Forster told Castanet that five of the students were treated at the Royal Inland Hospital Kamloops before they were released at. 20:30.

"Our group together with girls and adults last night was together in Kamloops at the hotel and planned to go home," said Marquis-Forster. "Our understanding is that they are now on their way home."

"We are very liberated," she said. "We were afraid … but today we are glad and released that they are coming home."

The cause of the collision is being studied.

Alanna Kelly

November 28, 2018 / 11:01 | Story:

Necessary staff in the unique garden in the heart of Vancouver hopes that the three remaining decorative koes will soon be safe from the river otters that have been housed in the park and ate 10 valuable fish.

Runways are working to reduce the swirling pond level in Dr Sun Yat-Sen's classic Chinese garden, and representative Debbie Cheunga says that it is hoped that the water level will be low enough to net and remove the fish until Wednesday.

One of the specially-grown koi was taken to the Vancouver Aquarium to ensure safe storage after being bent over the weekend, and Cheung says the other two are noticed while the search continues on the third.

Attempting to humor a snap and move a slippery otter is unsuccessful, and Cheung says that no animal has been seen for at least three days.

She says they will continue to lower the water level in the pond to remove fish, as it is not possible to find out if the otter is still in the vicinity when it crossed several busy streets to reach the garden more than 10 days ago.

"We're not scratching our heads," says Chen. "The water has not eaten anything of our koi since Sunday"

Drama has imagery captured, several social media features created and even hypothetical teams focusing on water or koi.

If the otter returns and is caught, it is planned to transfer it to Fraser Valley.

Slicing your Christmas tree is a time-consuming tradition, and although people are allowed to go to the forest with a saw, they must first get permission.

You can obtain permission online or by contacting the local Natural Resources District Office or the FrontCounter BC office.

Local Natural Resources District Offices can provide information on specific cutting requirements and approved harvest areas.

Free use permissions are for personal use only. It is prohibited to sell tree cuts in the Christmas tree permit or cut a tree in a non-existent area.

When turning the Christmas tree, follow these tips:

  • Leave ready at home. Place ropes, gloves, tools, a tire chain, a first aid kit, a mobile phone and warm clothes.
  • Drive carefully. Be ready for logging.
  • Be sure to find the right tree before cutting. Some permits specify only one tree can be cut.
  • Do not leave a strong strain because it can cause damage to livestock, wildlife, pets or humans.
  • Choose a tree that can be cut to the bottom and easily transported. The tree left behind in the forest leaves the summer fires.
  • Clean and remove any debris associated with this action.

Members of the public are asked to check the online map provided by the districts to make sure they are cut off at a specific location. Due to population density and demand for trees, permits are not available in the Chilliwack district.

A B.C. Her mother, who had been delayed for months in Ghana, trying to bring her home, her adopted son returned to Canada without a boy.

Kim Moran had waited until the son's immigration papers were processed, but she had to go to Abbotsford when her MS flared up when they were hospitalized.

She arrived at Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday, without her two-year-old son Ayo CTV News reports.

"It's possible that the hardest was the fact that they got on the plane at the airport and knew … I said that I had said and come home alone," Kim told the CTV.

Moran had been in Ghana since the summer when she and her husband Clark flew to Nigeria to complete their adoption. While waiting for it to take weeks, Clark returned to Canada, leaving Kim and Ayo Gan.

Paper processing has not been completed after more than three months.

"All we are trying to do is give a young boy who does not have a family who does not have home, home, and home in Canada, and it just seems we have had obstacles to blocking the road," Kim said.

Clark is now Ghana with Ayo, so Kim could receive medical attention for his needs.

Canadian immigration officials argue that the process can take up to two years, depending on the country of origin of the child. Moran documents were received in February 2017.

"Mission Accra is currently working to quickly process this application," Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said on Tuesday.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

The classes are scheduled to resume today at Victoria's Camosun College after a series of weekend firefighting.

The College recommends that three buildings be reopened in their intercity campus after a man may have fallen into the fire and set fire to it.

Center for Business and Access, Pacific Sports Excellence Institute and Trades Education and Innovation Center were closed on Monday and Tuesday, CTV News reports.

Police says the man was still in the town when he was arrested.

Aaron Raschke, 30, is accused of interruption and entry, burning, abusive behavior and theft.

No one was hurt in the fires, but closure affected about 2,000 students.

– with files from CTV in Vancouver Island

A company based in Vancouver is hoping for a green Christmas.

For the second year in succession, CannaCalendar is a pitching gift for those who prefer a pot of sugar plums.

For a $ 139- or $ 99 week Cyber ​​Monday – for those who are unsure what to get a weed lover in their lives can give them 25-day-varying strains.

CannaCalendar Bobbi Hopeful said CTV News chairs are filled with different strains than previous versions.

"They were sold out crazy last year, and our elves work hard to fill each calendar with 25 half sample grams," Hopeful told CTV News in Vancouver.

"With all the articles about what to expect from the high or therapeutic value of each strain, the fact is that the effect depends on as much of the user as the strain. So, we strive for how much strain you can afford is a clever way to know which The best of them helps you. "

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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