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"We have not met Dan and the rest of the players": the OHL Commissioner mistakenly claims to be "bad"

The Ontario Hockey League Commissioner claims that his organization failed to play them thoroughly.

David Branch says he did not know how badly players like Daniel Carcillo were. Carcillo and other players were publicly exposed this week with allegations of cruel anger.

Interviewed by CBC Sports, a branch called prosecution "sickening."

"We have not found Dan and the rest of my thoughts involved, and it's shocking. You know, I do not know how to do it," says a branch.

In the last few days, four years between 2002 and 2012. The participants in Sarnia Sting have been telling their stories about what they were going through.

"I moved away from home at age 17 to persecute my dream, making it into the NHL and making something for myself, and what I myself and 11 of us were supposed to be in this year was a routine abusive use," says Carcillo, who continued win two Stanley Cups with Chicago Blackhawks.

Carcillo's detailed, filled with a bus in a bus, is bald and his team members are pushing tobacco juice. He also said that players who are looted naked, bind and beat the robot goalkeeper.

Carcillo contacted the affiliate directly

Some of his teammates, including the goalie, Ryan Munce, quickly came to confirm Carcillo's claims and tell his stories.

"There are guys who acted like a KKK [Ku Klux Klan] because I had a girlfriend with a different nationality, making Hitler signs to our Jewish teammate while he was tearful, "Munce recalls.

"This is a continuous abuse day out, pulling the guy off the table and knocking him with belts and things, it was a" rookie day. " ""

Watch Daniel Carcillo detailed malicious he suffered 17:

The double Stanley Cup Champion discusses anger incident, which he remembers brighter when he says that one of his OHL coaches took part in teaming with a belt. 0:51

The affiliate says Carcillo contacted him this very season for what happened to Sarnia. He visited the team to investigate, but the management and the trainer's staff said there was no serious incident.

"One situation was described which, in my opinion, was dangerous, that it was not something that demanded a particular discipline," recalls Branch.

"This situation was the young players who were included in the team's laundry box, and squeezed the grass, and you knew about reckless driving on the walls and such things. And that was really what came to me and the discussion as I remember."

Jeff Perry, Sarnia Chief Trainer 2002-2003 In a year, he initially challenged Carcillo's allegations that the management knew about misuse. However, Carcillo was tweeted on Thursday that Perry was among the members of the management who took responsibility.

On Wednesday, when they wanted to comment, Perry contacted CBC Sports, was not returned.

The branch says that significant changes in the League of Fears came in 2005. This year, the League issued a large fine and a standstill on Windsor Spitfires for a series of accidents.

"This was the first time, and frankly, the only time I was talking about issues of initiation, accidents and similar cases," says a branch.

However, he says the league has set up a number of initiatives, including zero-tolerance policies.

"We had to support the player

"We had to support players, make sure they understand what's right, what's acceptable, but what's not. And more importantly, I'd suggest here's how you can achieve if you are not satisfied with going to your coach or the main manager , "Says a branch."

The affiliate also points to a number of mental health programs that the league has set up.

"People are looking at our leagues that this is the National Hockey League national league in the world, but this is the fact that we have supported this person over the last 10 to 15 years, has made such a huge progress, which we are so proud of."

Watch how Carcillo's former team member echoes the abuse experience:

Former interview with CBC News, former Sarnia Sting goalkeeper Ryan Munce explains in detail the offense he suffered while playing junior hockey. 3:11

Others in the hockey community seem to resemble the feel of a branch that anger is a by-product of the old hockey crop that no longer exists.

"I think there should be an understanding that things have changed dramatically," says Eric Wellwood, OHL Flint Firebirds trainer.

"Using my experience with OHL, since I was 16 years old already in 2006, until he is now the main trainer in the league, they have eliminated all of the bad and bad things around the league – especially, and in the end, I think, that OHL deserves credit, and it should not be emptied with a story that may be true, but that has been going on for a long time. "

On Thursday evening, OHL issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to implement anti-distress policies.

"Given the recent attention paid to the issue of accidents, this league has spoken with team management, and all our team members are offering to perfect all employees and players for this most important topic," read the statement.

"Our hope is that in the negotiations, in education and in terms of sports and society, the attitude that leads to hostile behavior and these inconceivable actions disappears."

I hope that there has been a change

Several current NHL players have also responded to Carcillo's comments, including Vancouver Canucks ahead of Bo Horvat.

"It's hard to hear stuff of this kind, but I think that kind of faded in my junior hockey era," Horvat says.

"I have heard and heard about it a lot of guys have gone through in recent years, but I believe that we really hurt it when I started to enter a junior, so I did not receive any of this kind of thing. God."

Carcillo and others who have raised the hope that Branch and Horvat are right. Carcillo also says he welcomes the members of Sarnia Sting who have been involved in talking about what has happened.

At the same time, hockey changes do not occur overnight.

"When you are specifically focused on the goal, it's kind of scary what you will take to try to achieve this goal," says Carcillo.

"And if you talk and if you talk too many hockey in the world and ask too many questions, they do not like it. They would like you to be a good little soldier and do what they say."

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