Saturday , February 27 2021

Victims of the accident at the Brantford airport

The Brampton couple died of small aircraft crashing into the Brantford city airport.

Brant County OPP responded to 110 Aviation Ave. about noon 8:00 on Tuesday, Piper Arrow, which was at the airport at night.

Both the plane's passengers died, according to OPP. Police identified them as husband and wife, Ronald Chamberlain (76 years old) and 81-year-old Mildred Kamchielen (Photos) from Brampton.

Although the airport is in the Brantes area, it is managed by the Brantford city.

The airport manager revealed this view before. 8:00 am and called the police, said Maria Visocchi, city communications and PR head.

Although it is not yet known exactly why a small aircraft hit or when it happened, she said that it was believed to have happened overnight because the private aircraft had snow when workers noticed it.

She said, given the fact that the airport is in a rural area, it is not unusual for anyone to know about an accident until workers arrived at work this morning.

"There was no bang, there was no fire," she said.

The airport is equipped with seven days a week, from morning till sunny, said Visocchi. She said there was no air traffic control turret on the spot.

Visocchi said pilots can activate runway lighting from the cabin by logging into the airport's frequency. It is not yet known whether this happened in this case, she said.

This airport is used by private aircraft and the commercial airlines that carry the cargo, added Visocchi.

"Our employees only felt the way they recognized the aircraft after discovering it," she added.

Visocchi stressed that the city "is saddening" for an accident.

"Apparently our hearts go out in families," she said.

The Canadian Transport Security Council has deployed two investigators to this site.

"The TSB collects information and assesses the event," the agency said on its website.

As the representative says, the investigation could normally involve talking with first responders, collecting communications and radar data, photographing, talking with witnesses and family members and looking at weather conditions, as well as aircraft maintenance and piloting training records.

Investigators worked Tuesday afternoon to recover a plane that will be stored at the airport, the spokeswoman said.

Anyone with the information can contact OPP on 1-888-310-1122.

At the 2014 trial stage, George John Pearson, 65, was killed after his small plane fell south-east of Brantford's city airport.

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