Thursday , January 27 2022

Victims of bus accidents improve – Canada News


Victims of bus accidents are improving

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Ottawa Hospital says people who have been critically injured in a death bus accident on Friday have improved.

The Ottawa Hospital in Twitter says that patients who were in a critical condition are now considered to be serious.

Three people were killed and 23 were injured when a two-storey city bus left the curb at the station and went to a transit shelter.

Initially, 14 people were hospitalized at hospital, two of whom died and 11 were serious.

Meanwhile, the city says the crash, Transitway, will be open on Sunday at 10am. 19:30, more than 48 hours after the collision.

It says that people who want to leave a memory or a memorial object are invited to do so in two specific areas: the western transit platform at the lowest level and Scott and Athlone in the northwest corner.

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