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15, 2019/8: 6 am | Story:

YouTube Chad Mock

The Minnesota authorities claim that a 2-year-old child is good after he has reached the rear seat of a moving vehicle while it is still strapped in the car seat.

The video of the Dash camera was taken when the car seat and the toddler went out of the vehicle on Monday when the vehicle turned to corner at Mankato. Witness Chad Mock drove behind the car. He stopped his vehicle and left for the child.

Police and medical staff reacted and tested for child injuries. Officials say the child's mother was driving the vehicle. Mock tells KMSP-TV to a woman who later went back to get a baby.

The police say the child is properly strapped in the car seat, but the car seat is not attached to the vehicle seat.


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The People's Most Value Statement that it has been filed for bankruptcy makes the problems of Pacific Gas & Electric Co. fight in the hands of Govina Newsoma and national legislators, who now have to strive to keep the ratepayer costs, to ensure that the victims of fires receive the money they owe and to reflect on California's energy image in the face of climate change.

"This issue is about three essential things: it's about security, it's about reliability, and that's about availability," Newsom reported to journalists on Monday afternoon after spending a day with bankruptcy lawmakers.

At the beginning of the day, PG&E announced that it would submit Chapter 11 bankruptcy as it faces at least $ 30 billion in potential losses from lawsuits on catastrophic California fires in 2017 and 2018, which killed people and destroyed thousands of homes. The announcement was launched in the 15-day window before the official submission. Newsom said he'd like to delay bankruptcy, but it may not be possible.

"We'd like to fix it, but we're not naive," he said. "I respect the taxpayer, I respect the ratepayer and I am fully aware of those who have lost their homes."

Filing would not result in the disappearance of the lawsuits, but as a result, all fires would be merged into one procedure before the bankruptcy judge, not the jury. This could protect the company from the judgments of the jury and buy time for detaining claims.

"The chance that victims get what they would have been without bankruptcy is not good," said Napa Democrat, National Senate Bill Dodd.

How much and what the country can do is still visible. Last year, lawmakers tried to avert the threat of PG&E bankruptcy caused by the fires of 2017, allowing public utilities to transfer part of the cost to ratepayers, transferring some critics called "rescue". The Democratic Assembly, Chris Holden, considered introducing a similar bill that would pass on the cost of the 2018 fires, but on Monday he said he supported this idea.

"Clearly, PG & E has decided that the legislative arena is not where they feel to get results that will be far enough," he said, adding that decisions about the future of PG & E now seem to be in the hands of a bankruptcy court.

PG & E services about 40% of California's communal customers, Newsom said, making it the country's greatest utility. It works on three-quarters of California's land, which is most vulnerable to fires, Newsom said. Although PG & E equipment has been named as the cause of several recent fires, experts blamed climate change for extending the California fire season and making blazes more deadly and destructive.

Public officials are investigating whether the utilities caused the most serious, destructive fire in California's history, the November light that killed at least 86 people and burned 15,000 homes.

January 15, 2019, at 7:46 | Story:

Carol Channing, the glamorous, cruel, musical comedy star who delighted the American audience for almost 5,000 shows, as "Dolly Levi", which was "Hello, Dolly!" He's dead in Broadway and beyond. She was 97.

The publisher, B. Harlow Bole, said Channing died of natural causes on Tuesday at 12:00. 12:31 PM at Rancho Mirage, California. Bolls says that in the last few years she has suffered two strokes.

Besides, "Hello, Dolly!", Channing played in other Broadway shows but none with the same magnetism. She often came to television and nightclubs to partner with George Burns in Las Vegas and a national tour.

Her oversized personality seemed too much to the screen, and she made only a few films, "The First Traveler" with Ginger Rogers and "Carefully Modern Millia" with Julie Andrews.

Over the years, Channing continued to act as Dolly in national tours, the last in 1996 when she was in her 70s. Tom Shales of The Washington Post called him the "Ninth World Miracle".

Love and appreciation messages started on Twitter on Tuesday and the professional theater league where women say Channing was an inspiration for so many. " The fans who saw their work were also taken to the social media, calling them an "igniter" and saying that she is now "angels".

Channing was not an immediate choice to play Dollie, a player who gets the hardest challenge when a rich grump is looking for a suitable wife. A show with a stunning Jerry Herman score that breaks with joy and songs, such as "Put On Your Sunday Clothes", "Before Parade Passes By" and "It's Just Taking a Moment", is Thornton Wilder's music version. Play The Matchmaker.

The theater producer David Merrick told her, "I don't want this silly smile with all the teeth coming back to your ears." Although the director Gower Champion had worked on his first Broadway hit, "Lend a Ear", he had doubts about Channing casting.

She won them at the hearing and was leased on the spot. At the opening night of January 16, 1964, when Channing appeared on the top of the stairs with a red dress with feathers in her hair and went to the red carpet at the Harmonia Gardens restaurant, the New York audience went crazy. Critics followed this example. "Hello Dolly!" collected 10 Tony Awards, including one for Channing as the best actress in musical.

Channing was born on January 31, 1921 in Seattle, where her father, George Channing, was a newspaper editor. When his only child was 3 months old, he moved to San Francisco and worked as a writer for The Christian Science Monitor and as a teacher. He later became editor-in-chief of Christian Science publications.

At the age of 7, Channing decided to be an entertainer. She counted her father with an encouraging one: "He told me that you could dedicate your life to 7 or 97. And the people who do it are happier. ”

During the drama and dance management of Bennington College in Vermont, she was sent out to gain experience in her chosen field. She found a job in a New York audit. The show lasted only two weeks, but the New York magazine critic commented: "You will hear more about the satirical chanteuse named Carol Channing." She later said, "That was it. I said goodbye to trigonometry, zoology, and English literature."

For several years she has worked as an inexperienced, small player and nightclub impressionist, working as a model, administrator and sales secretary in lean times. Leaving Los Angeles, she listened to Marge Champion, Gower's Champion's wife, and partner partner, who made "Lend a Ear" together. Marge Champion recalled: "She was of course inconvenient and odd, but her warmth and health came out."

Channing was hit by "Lend a Ear" in a small Hollywood theater and she captivated the audience and critics when the show moved to New York. As an innocent gold dice in the musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", her start-up was assured. One reviewer reported that she "surpasses all light outputs in a wide range of pantomime and brave, determined, exquisite gestures." The show "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" became her signature number.

Over and over again she returned to "Hello, Dolly!", Which earned $ 5 million in a single tour. She believed that Dolly Levi was as deep as Lady Macbeth's role, but added that "the essence of her character was her immaculate thirst for life." This description corresponds to Carol Channing, who attributed sunny optimism to his eternal belief in Christian science.

Others who have played this role are Pearl Bailey, Phyllis Diller, Betty Grable, Ethel Merman, Martha Raye, Ginger Rogers, and Barbra Streisand, who played Dolly in 1969 in Gene Kelly's director's version. Bette Midler won Tony Prize in 2017 and current national tour Betty Buckley.

Journey "Hello, Dolly!" said on Tuesday that it will honor Channing for its current stop in California. "We are deeply sad about the only and only handover of Carol Channing. She was in" Dolly "ages and a true American theater icon, Betty Buckley and her father tonight in San Diego."

Channing was the first two marriages that ended with divorce – to the writer Theodor Naidish and pro footballer Alexander Carson, his only child's father, Channing. Her son became a successful political cartoonist.

In 1956, she married a television producer Charles Lowe, who seemed to be an ideal helper for a big star. He accepted Channing's son and supervised every aspect of his business and appearance. He reported that each of her performances looked from the front with applause.

After 41 years of marriage, she filed for divorce in 1998, claiming that he had misappropriated her assets and humiliated her publicly. She noted that in four decades they were only twice born.

"The only thing related to victims of violence is that they do not know who they are," she told The Washington Post. "I was 77 years old to figure it out. I was miserable. I was unhappy. And I didn't realize it wasn't my fault. But I want to survive. I live. Free."


15, 2019 / 5:34 am | Story:

South Spanish rescuers dig a horizontal tunnel, trying to reach the bottom of a deep and narrow well, where they hope to find a 2-year-old toddler, two days after he disappeared.

The 100-meter (330-foot) shaft is too narrow to allow the adult to enter. It was boring last month during water exploration work and was left unmarked.

Maria Gamez, the highest official in Spain in the province of Malaga, says that the new tunnel will help rescuers who did not take the soil from the well with heavy suction equipment during night work.

She says the hard rock has prevented the machine from crossing the 80 meter mark on the hole.

On Sunday, the boy disappeared into a family gathered in a mountainous area northeast of the provincial capital.

15, 2019 / 5:22 am | Story:

The attack takes place with a complex in the capital of Kenya, with an explosion and a heavy fire.

Witnesses and police in this place call it a terrorist attack.

The Nairobi complex features a large hotel, known as DusitD2, banks and offices.

Many vehicles burn. People are urgently removed from the scene urgently.

Jan 14, 2019 / 21:15 | Story:

WASHINGTON – The government died in a four-week break, President Donald Trump rejected short-term legislation and went to fight on Monday, declaring that he "never abandons".

Trump rejected the proposal to resume the government for several weeks, while talks will continue with the Democrats on his requests for $ 5.7 billion for a long, unobtrusive wall along the US-Mexico border. The President also refrained from trying to declare a state of emergency to circumvent Congress.

"I don't want to call a state of emergency," said Trump. "It's so easy that we shouldn't."

There were no cracks in the President's deadlock when there were no legislators after the weekend, without general negotiations. His withdrawal from the Republican Senate Lindsay Graham's proposed short-term option was removed from the road, and little else was visible. Congressional Republicans watched Trump as a signal of how to go further, and the Democrats have not decided on their refusal to finance the wall and their demand that he resume government before the border talks resume.

The White House is considering going to democracies rather than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Chuck Chuck Schumer to try to squeeze out the democratic opposition to the wall. The White House official said that the plans had works to call the freshman's representatives, especially those who initially did not support Pelosi's offer of the speaker.

It was not sure if any Democrat would respond to the invitation.

Separately, around twelve senators from both sides met on Monday to discuss the exit. Participants were Graham and Sens Susan Collins, R-Maine, Joe Manchin, D-W.Va and Tim Kaine, D-Va.

Senate John Cornyn, R-Texas, said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, was aware of the group's efforts, but added: "I wouldn't be so far off to say that he has blessed it." The group's chances of creating a real solution without Trump's approval seemed tiny. In the past, the centralists of both sides jointly raised the main partisan disputes.

Lawmakers returned to Capitol Hill at the end of Monday "boldly", as GOP Sen said. Mike Rounds, as pointed out by all the signals pointing to a lasting struggle.

Alabama Senate Richard Shelby, Chairman of the Association Commission, compared the closure saga with the performance "Waiting for Godot".

"And God never appears," said Shelby. "We could have been here for a long time. No horse comes to save us … what I know."

Meanwhile, the 24-day partial government closure affected the whole country. Around 800,000 federal workers had forgotten Friday's salary, deepening their concerns about mortgage payments and unpaid bills, and about half of them had worked on reducing some of their services. Travelers at Atlanta Airport, the fastest peoples, dealt with more than an hour on Monday due to the increase in unsafe security screening.

Trump spent the weekend at the White House trying to get support and legislators and aggressively discussing democratic enemies when he tried to make the wall necessary for both security and humanitarian assistance. He repeatedly emphasized this argument when referring to the agricultural convention in New Orleans on Monday, insisting that walls or barriers along the southern border were not "substitutes".

Trump continued to insist that he has the right to sign an emergency statement to deal with what he says is a crisis of drug trafficking and trafficking of women and children at the border. But now he does not seem to hurry to make such a declaration.

Instead, he focused on democracy to return to the negotiating table – although he left the last conversation last week – and detained the fact that the House and Senate Democrats had fled to Puerto Rico. The Democrats, he claimed, had been on the beach, not in the conversation – though Pelosi and Schumer were not traveling.

White House officials warned that an emergency order would remain on the table. Many in the White House and beyond believe that this might be the best solution to put a stop to the budget, resuming the government, while allowing Trump to tell its base supporters who are not on the wall.

However, some GOP lawmakers – as well as White House assistants – have turned against it, expressing concern that an emergency statement would be immediately challenged in court. Others have expressed concerns about the transfer of money from other projects, including the cash congress approved for disaster relief. Legislators on both sides of the aisle have also warned that emergency action would create an alarming precedent for the executive.

At the moment, Trump apparently believes that his extended struggle has the value of fulfilling the main promise of the campaign, knowing that his supporters, who he will have to go through in 2020 to win again, do not want to see him back.

Trump on both sides provided a wide range of advice, including from his new headquarters chief Mick Mulvaney, senior assistant and son of law, Jared Kushner, as well as Rep Mark Meadows, as well as outside political counselors.

In Parliament, Democrats are trying to keep pressure on Trump by holding a vote this week on two bills: one to resume the government by February 1 and the other to resume it by 28 February.

The Republic of Nita Lowey from New York, the highest democracy committee on appropriations, said that bills offer "additional opportunities" to put an end to closure and give legislators time to negotiate border security and immigration.

The key question is how long Trump is ready to hold the hope of a Democratic concession.

A recent poll has a small majority of Americans who oppose the wall along the US-Mexico border, and only a few see the situation at the border as a crisis, but opinions are predictably divided by partisanism.

Surveys also show that Americans are most likely to ruin Trump to stop working. Most Democrats handed over responsibility for Trump, but a few less Republicans blamed the Democrat. A small part of Republicans either hold Trump, or say both parties are guilty.

The Washington Post-ABC News Survey, published on January 13, found that 54 percent of Americans are opposed to the border, while 42 percent support it. A total of 87% of Republicans support the wall, compared to about the same number of democrats (84%) who oppose.


For the AP to fully cover the closing of the US government: https://apnews.com/GovernmentShutdown

This article was attended by AP writers Darlene Superv, Matthew Daly, Jonathan Lemire, Alan Fram and Lisa Mascaro.

14, 2019/14: 9 | Story:

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have obviously chosen not to know the gender of the baby they are waiting for this spring.

James, the Duchess of Sussex, told students during their visit to Birkenhead on Monday that she didn't know if she had a boy or a girl.

Kitty Dudley, 9, said after a couple of meetings: "I asked if she had a girl or boy and she said she didn't know."

The meeting took place when Meghan talked to several children at St Anne's Catholic Primary School in the city, which is 210 miles (340 km) northwest of London.

Meghan also told one of the children that she was six months pregnant and expects to give birth in late April or early May.

January 14, 2019/2: 3 | Story:

The ten-year-old Iranian Boeing 707 military cargo aircraft, which reported that meat is being transported from Kyrgyzstan, violated Monday, trying to land west of Iran's capital, killing 15 people on board and leaving the only survivor, the authorities said.

The Jetliner crash marked only the latest aviation disaster for Iran, hoping to replace its aging fleet under the 2015 nuclear treaty with world powers.

Instead, however, the withdrawal of President Donald Trump in May resulted in billions of dollars in the planned Airbus and Boeing Co. sales to the Islamic Republic only by increasing the danger to passengers on Iranian aircraft.

The plane that obtained the color scheme of the Iranian Air Force Civil Saha airline was an emergency landing, which took place on Monday at 11.00. 8:30 am at Fath Airport, controlled by Iran's powerful paramilitary revolutionary defender. The plane left the runway, collapsed through the perimeter fence and residential area.

Iranian State Television broadcast pictures of flue houses and airplane stones in the neighborhood. One of the unloading tools that was removed was nearby. There were small fires around it.

The aircraft was intended for unloading at nearby Payam International Airport, about 40 kilometers west of Tehran, the capital of Iran.

The authorities did not immediately offer a reason for the crew's decision to land at Fath Airport. Its runway is 1100 meters long compared to Payam 3,600.

Pirhossein Koulivand, Head of the National Emergency Service, said that of the 16 people on board, only the aircraft engineer was known to have survived. IRNA reported that the 15 first-team members who died were recovered on Monday afternoon.

January 14, 2019, at 2:02 | Story:

The extraordinarily high level of smog, which is aggravated by the weather, causes anxiety throughout Asia, and Bangkok, the misty capital of Thailand, is issuing face masks and preparing for the clouds of rain to clear the air.

The combination of construction dust, car exhaust and other pollutants that last longer than Bangkok, taking into account the prevailing weather conditions, has made unhealthy air quality in recent days.

"I admit that these are temporary solutions, but we have to do so. Other long-term measures will be implemented, police General Aswin Kwanmuang announced on Monday the meeting of the army, police, pollution control and other officials."

The city distributed about 10,000 face masks spraying water to help settle the dust, and tighter controls when big trucks can use the city streets – the Thai Pollution Control Department said that about half of the high PM 2.5 levels that may be small particles. dangerously clogged lungs was associated with diesel engine emissions.

The Royal Rainfall and Agriculture Aviation Department said it was going to deploy two airplanes for sowing clouds on Tuesday and Friday if conditions were right.

In South Korea, the abnormally high level of PM 2.5 led to emergency measures to reduce health risks. The National National Environmental Research Institute said the average daily average of 120 micrograms per cubic meter since Monday afternoon was the worst since PM 2.5 began monitoring in 2015.

Over the years, South Korea has witnessed recurrent spells when windmills and pollution-induced winds have moved from northern China. But vehicle emissions are also a problem.

The problem of air pollution in Thailand tends to be waxy and decreases in part depending on the season. As in many other parts of Asia, burning the field after harvest can cause severe smog within a given year.

Spring smog has arrived early in tropical Bangkok.

"There are many factories, and now that pollution is higher, we need to be more careful," said Oranart Phongpreecha, a 55-year-old housewife living just outside Bangkok.

"It's not that I get sick more often. But when I go out, I have a sore throat and I can't see it clearly … I'm afraid that polluted air gets into my lungs so I need to protect myself."

Pralong Dumrongthai, head of the Thai pollution control department, said long-term solutions include shifting to electric vehicles and better quality gasoline.

He said the weather shows that Bangkok could be stuck with bad air for up to three months.

"I am asking for public awareness when testing your vehicles, especially those emitting black smoke or large trucks," he said. "We need your cooperation."

Indian cities are one of the world's smoggiest and it is just starting to solve this problem.

The Indian government announced a five-year program on Sunday to reduce air pollution by 30 percent of 2017 levels in 102 of the poorest cities in the country.

January 14, 2019, 1:22 | Story:

Coyote sprinted past the security checkpoint and to the Nashville Conference Center where the boat show was packed on Sunday evening.

Under the Music City Center, around The coyote entered the loading area and ran into the showroom before being locked in by the staff in the bathroom.

Police and animal control officers used the catch pole to capture animals that were released into the forest land.

Lauren Bluestone, Director of Metro Animal Care and Control, said that the city is expanding when coyote meetings are becoming more common in Nashville.

"Bluestone" said, "I do not want to say that coyotes in bathrooms will become the norm, but because their interference in their habitat will be alive."

14, 2019/8:11 | Story:

British actor Hugh Grant has a reason for the thief who broke into his car. Please return the internal script.

Grant, who shot in "four weddings and funerals" in 1994, was tweeted on Sunday evening.

He said that "it is unlikely that someone who broke into my car tonight and stole my bag, please try to convince them at least to return my script."

He added that it is worth "notes and ideas" for many weeks.

It is not clear what script he was working on. He asked for the script to be sent to the film company West London.

Grant also expressed concern about the fate of his children's medical cards.

The police have not immediately commented on the reported theft.

14, 2019/7:55 am | Story:

A recent review of the Bruce Springstown Broadway exhibition film attracted a celebrity – Boss himself.

Springsteen took part in a free screening Sunday at the Pollak Theater of Monmouth University.

"Asbury Park Press" reports "Springsteen" arrived at the 700-seat theater about 10 minutes after the start of the show and sat at the back with the film director Thom Zimny.

Most people haven't noticed Springsteen, who wore a baseball cap and left through the back door after the movie ended.

Springsteen used the theater for two attempts before he started his Broadway ride in the fall of 2017.

The University of Monmouth organizes Bruce Springsteen's archives and the American Music Center.

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