Wednesday , April 21 2021

UPDATE: Trans-Canada is again open after the crash east of Revelstoke; the traffic will collide in the tunnel

UPDATE 6:30 PM P.: The Glacier National Park crash has been cleared up and Trans Canada's highway is again open,


A crash involving three vehicles has stopped the Trans-Canada highway between Revelstoke and Golden.

It took place in two bands along the Glacier National Park highway.

The accident took place around noon. 3:00. on Wednesday.

The road is closed between Victorian West Road at Revelstoke and the Golden View Road in Golden – approximately 148 kilometers, so fewer people reach the narrow road.

On Tuesday, two crashes east and west of Revelstoke ran off the 1st highway and stopped for several hours.

It is not known if anyone suffered a Wednesday crash.

Circuit around the accident location is not available.

The accident is expected to be cleared and the highway will be reopened at noon. 19:30, according to Drive BC.

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